The Best Holiday for Capricorn

Capricorn HolidaysCapricorns are excellent companions for travelling because they are very resourceful and organized. Complex itinerary is never a problem. Capricorns like structure, and they are much happier when they have a schedule. For the Capricorn traveler a vacation is all about getting away from the rat race, relaxing, and recharging. As an earth sign, a quiet resort high above a mountain with views that will take your breath away, the type of vacation Capricorns love.


The Perfect Capricorn Vacation

Saturn is your ruling planet, so Capricorns have a real appreciation of history and tradition. That means the perfect Capricorn vacation would include a city with plenty of history, like Rome, Pompeii, Easter Island, Bilbao, Philadelphia, or Mexico City.

Of course, as an earth sign Athens would also be the perfect vacation.

The Worst Capricorn Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for a Capricorn is not as much about the location as the incompetence that might surround the vacation spot. Lost luggage, improper housekeeping, poorly prepared meals can all quickly turn any location into the worst Capricorn vacation.

The Capricorn Travel Style

The Capricorn traveler loves quality as well as uniqueness. They hate malls with stores that carry the same stuff, preferring to find those boutiques and specialty stores. In fact, those little shops off the beaten track are what the Capricorn traveler will seek out.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Capricorn

Capricorns love the feel of staying in the mountains; however, they are not cabin or chalet people. They prefer exquisite old hotels with all their grandeur and architecture, or sophisticate modern hotels, and not much in-between. This is why Cambrian is so popular with Capricorns – there is a combination of Swiss alpines with sleek modern interior.

The Capricorn Dream

Destination Cities that offer a superb shopping experience like London, Paris, or Milan are dream destination.

The Ultimate Capricorn Experience

If a Capricorns budget was open ended and they could go wherever they wanted the ultimate Capricorn experience would combine pampering with improving your health so Spain the Byron Bay Hinterland and Gaia Retreat would be perfect.

Capricorns are happy combining some business with pleasure, since it can actually make your holiday a little more exciting, especially if you make a good business deal. After all, for Capricorn work really is not work. Rather it is the best kind of play and the type that you are really good at.

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