The Best Holiday for Cancer

Cancer HolidaysCancer is a romantic water sign so the best holiday for a Cancer traveler is near water. Because the Cancer sign also rules the study of ancestral roots a trip back to where your ancestors were born and/or grew up can also lead to another great vacation. Cancer is a spiritual being so a vacation to a holy place will also be a hit. Because the zodiac Cancer has so many tentacles finding the best holiday is actually easier than for other zodiacs.


The Perfect Cancer Vacation

Cancer is a home loving zodiac sign, so it is no surprise that families that include love ones is high on the list. Some of the best holiday destinations for the Cancer traveler are the Greek Islands, Budapest, New Zealand, or St. Petersburg.

A few American destinations include Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod, Palm Beach, or Malibu Beach. Mexico, the charming canals of Amsterdam, the breathtaking Lake Como in Switzerland are other excellent holiday destinations.

The Worst Cancer Travel Vacation

Carnival in Rio should be avoided. Cancers do not like crowds nor do they like to party all night so avoid these types of places and situations.

The Cancer Travel Style

Cancers love the comfort of what’s familiar so it is difficult for them to try a new destination, and when they find a place they like they tend to go back to that place.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for a Cancer

Cancers like to check into their hotel and never leave. So a hotel that has all the amenities like a number of swimming pools, a spa, great restaurants, all kinds of activities is what you should be looking for in a hotel.

Cancers also like their privacy so make sure the place you book allows you that so you can relax and start to feel at home right away, enjoying your vacation from the get go.

The Cancer Dream Destination

Fiji is the dream destination of Cancer travelers.

The Ultimate Cancer Experience

Since Cancer is a water sign, an experience that involves yachting, sailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, surfing, or para sailing. When you combine land with water it will give you the ultimate holiday experience.

As a cancer, you are frugal so you should look for a holiday that’s a great bargain. Don’t forget to bring along your camera. You are a sentimental soul so you will love to reflect on your journey at a later date.

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