The Best Holiday for Aquarius

Aquarius HolidaysAquarius is adaptable, independent, and makes a good backpackers. They can sleep under the stars, crash on a friend’s floor, or stay in a hostel. The Aquarius personality means they make friend everywhere they go. They love the hustle and bustle of the city and the energy it offers. In fact, the bigger the city the better. Aquarius travelers seldom visit the same place twice – after all, there’s a big world out there to explore. Aquarius travelers almost always have their smartphone or laptop nearby. As an air sign, they want to stay in touch no matter where they are, at the very least, they will be checking their email.

The Perfect Aquarius Vacation

The Aquarius traveler has no interest in the mundane and the ordinary. Adventure is their thing! Ruled by Uranus, you are find places with science to offer perfect travel vacations, like the Great Barrier Reef, or Florida Kennedy Space Center.

An interesting outdoor vacation with plenty to explore is the perfect travel vacation. Consider the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, North Pole, The Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, or the mountains of Peru or Guatemala. You can combine your desire for independent exploration with your need to understand the science behind it all.

Other great vacation destinations for the Aquarius are Mauritius, Antwerp, and the United Arab Emirates. If you have a strong humanitarian instinct or intellectual curiosity at the political level then a trip to the Slavic countries, Russia, or Hong Kong would be very satisfying.

The Worst Aquarius Travel Vacation

The worst vacation for an Aquarius isn’t about where you are but rather where you stay. That dreadful cookie-cutter hotel with hundred of identical rooms and nothing interesting to offer will turn any location into the worst location.

The Aquarius Travel Style

Aquarians are great travelers. They aren’t upset by travel setbacks taking it all in stride. After all, they like the unexpected.

The Perfect Hotel Environment for an Aquarius

A hotel like the Berlin Propeller Island Hotel would be the perfect hotel known for having the most unusual rooms of any hotel in the world. Stay in a vampire room complete with coffin or how about a jail cell from which they can escape by breaking through the wall.

Any hotel with a flare for the unordinary is perfect for the Aquarius.

The Aquarius Dream Destination

Aquarian relish adventure at Papua New Guinea can offer just that with unspoiled jungles, rare birds, and endless experiences.

The Ultimate Aquarius Experience

The ultimate Aquarius experience would be to take a swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.

The Aquarius will likely take time to do plenty of research online to find the best rates for airfare and accommodations, and find out about restaurants, things to do, etc. Don’t be tempted to plan things to the extreme. It’s much more fun to leave some things to the moment.

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