Taurus Woman - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Taurus WomanTaurus (April 20 - May 20)

The Taurus or the bull is a mighty zodiacal sign! It is very strong, virile and levelheaded animal. People who are born under this sign are very tough and strong as well especially the women! Be careful how you deal with a charging bull. When excited and angry, a Taurus woman can be very difficult to manage, control and handle! However, the typical Taurus woman may be very slow to erupt; however, you should not take her from granted.

When you look at a Taurus woman, she may look very composed and relaxed. However, she can become very violent just like a charging bull getting ready for a fight with the matador! A Taurus woman can be very loyal and attached to her spouse or lover. She is also very resolute and determined. She does not like someone deceiving or betraying her.

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A Taurus woman is very deep and sensitive. Her feelings lie deep inside her heart and soul. She has also a mind that inclines towards philosophical sensitivities. In life, a Taurus woman can suffer from bouts of inertia while she may not be susceptible to changes or modifications. If at all changes occur, they should come from other people around her. The bull is very cautious and careful. This nature can protect a Taurus woman from accidents and uncertainties. She can support other people’s action and efforts. In fact, she likes to develop on other people’s actions and reactions.

Taurus woman are very compassionate and dedicated towards other people. Listen to her and understand what she says or utters! There is something deep about her uttering! She can be very meaningful and understanding with her dialogues. She is strong and resolute while her sense of humor can be amazing! Women born under this sign have very strong mind and focus; in fact, their legendary toughness and dedication will help them achieve greater success levels in life.

Taurus Woman Health

A typical Taurus woman is healthy and hale for most part of her life. However, occasional health problems related to reproductive and circulatory systems can bother from time to time. She can experience bouts of isolation and disappointments during some part of her life.

Taurus Woman Money and Career

A Taurus woman is spendthrift; she can save her resources for a rainy day. She may want to have financial stability at any cost. In fact, she believes that the money part is most essential to her life.

To have or not to have may bother her throughout the life; she will always choose a viewpoint that asks her to have everything that is in her sight. She can be too materialistic and she can develop a linking for material luxuries and things. She likes all those things that are fine and special in life.

In her career, she will have a stable job and profession that tends to satisfy her needs and requirements. Real estate, fine art, management and engineering are some of the professions where she can do very well.

Taurus Woman in Love

Taurus is the noble child of Venus who is the Goddess of Love. A typical Taurus woman can be very passionate, romantic and seductive when she finds the man of her life. She could be extremely sexual in her instincts. She is also very temperamental in her attitude.

Gaining her trust and love could be very difficult for a man. A Taurus woman can give her life and love for a man who she feels has dedication and affection towards her. Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer can relate well with Taurus while Leo and Aquarius signs could be very difficult to handle and manage.

Taurus Famous Woman

Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, Valerie Bertinelli, Grace Jones, Kim Fields, Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Streisand, Naomi Campbell, Audrey Hepburn, Candace Bergen and Ann Margret More famous Taurus

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