Taurus in Love

Taurus in LoveWhen it comes to love, Taurus is more traditional, old fashioned if you will. You’ll get a combination of sensitiveness and toughness. To those around you, you’ll look well put together and appear as a hopeless romantic. People see you as ‘seeking that love that will last a lifetime.’ You have down to earth desires – all you want is an affectionate, classy, stable, and loyal partner – yet you struggle to find your soul mate.

One of the reasons Taurus struggles is that they don’t like change, in fact, they hate it. It’s why a Taurus never throws themselves into a relationship. With Taurus once they are into a relationship they are all in and they thrive on predictability. However, Taurus is scared to make that leap in.

Taurus is not a player. In fact, they are possessive of their partner and when they find that potential partner, they always play for keeps. Taurus are generally good looking and so they are definitely easy on the eyes. They easily find others attracted to them. There is certainly no shortage of dates if the effort is put in.

Taurus love all the symbolism of romance – fine dining experiences at classy restaurants, beautiful flowers, delicious chocolates, and any other gift that says I love you or I’m falling in love with you. However, anyone who is dating a Taurus needs to be patient because it takes a long time for a Taurus to really throw themselves into a relationship.

A wise Taurus will hold out for the best. They know that their soul mate is out there and they are in no rush to make the wrong choice and then have to face the consequences of that. Taurus needs a partner that is good mannered, has great taste, is able to keep the peace, and who will not be crushed by your strengths.

As a Taurus you hate drama, but remember you need a partner that brings his/her own flavor and spirit to the relationship. You don’t need to be boring just because you have stability. The right partner understands this.

You are always worried about your public image and what others are thinking. It is important that your partner never embarrass you in a social setting, even inadvertently. Because if he/she does you can pretty much say goodbye to the relationship that’s being built.

Taurus can be sweet and generous. Even after the Taurus is in a solid long-term relationship, they have their limits and it’s a good idea not to push your partner past these. Your sign is driven by comfort, persistence, and loyalty – your partner will expect to see these qualities all the time. Taurus expects you to be reliable and dependable, and they don’t want you to take them for granted.

Taurus has strong nesting instincts so once he/she has settled into that long-term relationship things will move forward smoothly.

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