Scorpio in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Scorpio in Relationship: Problems & AdviceWhile the Scorpio might seem unapproachable and mysterious, this is often what draws others to them. They are constantly wrapped up in the shadows of the world, and they are mystical, even when they’re not being spiritual. The Scorpio is a person who is able to love deeply and intensely, but this can make it difficult for some who are not as open or as willing. A single Scorpio might be willing to dive deeper into a relationship than the other person may want. You may want to be in a solid relationship more than dating multiple people at a time. On the other hand, you may be resistant to reaching out to new people, especially if you haven’t quite figured them out.

You want to be around people who are safe, in your eyes, which means you may have ended up with a broken heart more than once. The Scorpio in a relationship is one who is willing to do everything they can to make things work. They aren’t afraid of commitment, though they can be hesitant to create intimacy. You might be concerned that showing your true colors can lead to misunderstandings and more feelings of loneliness in the world. After all, if people really knew how dark your thoughts were, they might not like you as much.

On the other hand, the Scorpio is a great peacemaker, and wants to move past conflict as soon as possible. They want to figure out what is wrong and then apply the right solution. You might need time, however, to do this. You may need to spend time on your own, allowing you to figure out how you really feel and to look at the problem from all sides. While this is certainly an effective way of looking at problems, it can also be frustrating for a partner who isn’t as patient.

In your relationships, you may need to work with a partner to talk about how to be patient with you. You might need to speak up and tell your partner that you need more time to think about something, and that you need some space when things are difficult. When you can do this, you will be able to be present in your relationship, but you can also move through things at your own pace.

Love is something that you want and that you need in your life, Scorpio. You want to be with someone who can also travel to your dark side and let you know that things are okay. Even if you don't completely get rid of your moodiness, you need to be with someone who is willing to allow you some space in the dark.

When you’re in a relationship, Scorpio, you need to remember what’s true for you, and the right person will be the one who is willing to try to understand. You may still have bumpy spots, but the more honest you are, the more intimacy you can create.


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