Scorpio in Love

Scorpio in LoveWhen it comes to love, Scorpio plays for keeps. There’s no happy medium for the Scorpio – you are either in or out. In fact, Scorpio has a reputation for being jealous, irresistible, controlling, and obsessive. There is no question that Scorpio can be extremely passionate. Then again, it is known as the ‘sex’ symbol.

Scorpios are hard to read. One minute they are mysterious and aloof, looking for ongoing attention and driving their partner’s nuts. Then the next minute they are in a long-term committed relationship. Scorpio rules the extremes – either you run hot or cold.

It takes a great deal to get a Scorpio to trust. They fight intimacy and they struggle with love, because they find it frightening and tempting. At a deeper level, you strive to give yourself to your soul mate – to not hold back and to offer up all of you. However, for the Scorpio that’s not always easy, but don’t mistake the Scorpio for being a pushover – nothing could be further from the truth.

Scorpio is the passionate Zodiac sign and that means you need a partner that can hold his/her ground and make sure you are always on your toes. When you decide you’ve met your soul mate, you don’t just commit you actual merge with your partner. This also makes you more reluctant to dive into any relationship until you are absolutely sure. After all, you don’t just give a part of you – you give heart and soul for the act of being one.

To get to a place where you can make a go of a relationship you are going to need to work through issues you have with control. Tools like medication, yoga, and spirituality can help you t strengthen yourself and reduce your fears.

You could compare Scorpio relationships with the stock market. Scorpio wants to make sure that the payout long term is worth the earlier efforts. The irony is that the Scorpio is their own worst enemy with their attitudes.

Scorpio will seduce a potential partner until they reveal their deepest most intimate thoughts. He/she will act like they are fascinated all the while; you are building a case against that person. You might even check pockets, snoop into diaries, and Google to see what you can find. This cop approach will be a real turnoff to your potential partner and your lack of trust will be evident. Scorpio needs to recognize that real love requires him/her to take some risk and to open themselves up so that they are vulnerable. Love isn’t always safe.

With Scorpio children can be the last thing on their mind and can even lead to fits of jealousy. Once Scorpio finds a partner, they are ready to build a cozy little world that is made up of just the two of them.

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