Sagittarius Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius is a very quiet and calm sun sign of the zodiac system. However, it is a special and unique sign with its own special characters. A Sagittarius man is on own and he likes to charter his own path without anyone’s support. He chooses his own way to work on his projects and task irrespective of whether one helps him or not. ASagittarius man is always hopeful and optimistic of his future and he likes to see the sunny side of life. Providence is very benevolent on this man because most of the time he is very lucky be it in professional life or personal front. For him, results are quite important rather than the methods that go behind it; however, he always uses an ethical means to achieve his goals and objectives.


For him, the nature is very important rather than the look and appearance. Very simple and straightforward, a typical Sagittarius man is down to earth and honest to the core. In some cases, all Sagittarian males could be extremely rude and harsh talking. Their straightforwardness can actually hurt some sensitive people.

They could spew words after words without caring for the future consequences. On the negative side, they could be hasty, impulsive and angry towards those who are aggressive against them. They have the habit of placing their trust on other people that may go awry at times. They like tough challenges of life and they seek thrill and excitement of working for challenging projects.

A Sagittarius male loves the power of freedom and its innumerable advantages. When he is in a partnership with a friend or spouse, he would like to offer the same to them as well. He does not have the negative characters of jealousy, deceit and possessiveness towards others. They also have an undying spirit in life and this will power will take them forward in their life. Sagittarius males are loyal and faithful to their partners and friends.

Sagittarius Man Health

The sun sign of Sagittarius manages such body parts as hips, thighs and stomach areas. Males who are born under this sign suffer from diseases and ailments related to these areas. They are also liable to develop such ailments as rheumatism and sciatica. Most of them also develop minor skin blemishes and spots later in their age.

Sagittarius Man Money and Career

Their natural gifts will help them perform well in a number of professions and vocations. They could be brilliant teachers and philosophers with a keen mind to their students the basic principles of morality and equality. They could also be very good scientists and clergies.

The human laws and political science also suit them; they can be very good politicians and social workers. Public service, social administration and advertising are the other professions where they can excel. Speaking of money, they could be very conservative with their resources while their spending pattern depends on their immediate needs and requirements.

Sagittarius Man in Love

In love and personal relationship, Sagittarius males could be very sincere, devoted and ardent. However, they could be extremely conventional and traditional in their approach. Sometimes, they could be harshly cynical and scolding on their loved ones. Successful marriages will see very obedient and faithful Sagittarius males.

Sagittarian males are very indulgent as well. In relationships, they can be very reliable and trustable seldom exhibiting the faith entrusted in them by anyone. Compatible sun signs for Sagittarian males are Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Libra while other signs like Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo could be incompatible.

Famous Sagittarius Man

Jimi Hendrix, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Billy Idol, Charles Schultz, Winston Churchill, Jeff Bridges, Frank Sinatra, Dick Clark, Joe DiMaggio, Uri Geller More famous Sagittarius

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