Sagittarius in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Sagittarius in Relationship: Problems & AdviceThe Sagittarius, as a fire sign, is often linked dramatically to sexuality and to being in lust with others. They love deeply and intensely, and they are prone to dramatic acts of commitment, or they are likely to move from one partner to another. In relationships with a Sagittarius, it is common for the partners to feel overwhelmed by their presence, and others may feel they are not as important. To move past this sort of relationship dynamic, the Sagittarius needs to spend time focusing on the relationship, rather than how they are engaged in the relationship. They need to focus more on listening to others and to considering that there might be other ways to engage with another person. Because a Sagittarius might get stuck in feeling they are always right, it can cause conflict when they are narrow minded.

Opening the mind and the heart in relationships is important to the Sagittarius, but it may not come naturally. They are often the ones that might be expressive, but often this is because they want the relationship to work in a certain way. The Sagittarius needs to be willing to work with their partner, and seem themselves as a part of a team. In doing so, they can use their energy and their intelligence to sort through problems and build a stronger bond.

The Sagittarius is one that can handle problems and often find solutions that may not have been considered. They can look at problems from a detached angle, and then move into a problem-solving mode. While not all signs are open to this sort of interaction, the Sagittarius can be the one to start healing issues that come up in love and in platonic relationships.

To make a love relationship work, the Sagittarius also needs to be ready to make their partner a priority. When they are caught up in other activities and in other goals, they might overlook the person that is sitting next to them. They may need to be reminded of their promises to others, and they may need to be given some leniency to be blunt in conversations.

A Sagittarius that has had problems interacting with others because of they way they speak may want to adopt a different way of interacting. This might include spending time apart from their partner until they are ready to speak in a more appreciative and compassionate tone. Though the Sagittarius might be excited about saying what’s on their mind, sometimes it is more helpful to take a breath and collect their thoughts first.

When in a relationship with a Sagittarius, the partner can expect to have exciting and spontaneous times. This is a relationship that is constantly intensifying and becoming more active. For those who are ready to be the audience sometimes for the Sagittarius’s thoughts, this relationship can be one that is hard to forget.


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