Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius in LoveWhen Sagittarius is in love, the contradictions are endless. The centaur (half horse & half man) symbolizes Sagittarius so you are governed much differently than other Zodiacs – you have both enlightened thinking and animal instincts. Sagittarius rules wisdom, morals, and a zest for the earthly pleasures of life – Sagittarius has a real lust for what life has to offer.

Sagittarius are free spirits and he/she is a real traveler who feels at home traveling the vast roads. Sagittarius is always torn because while they hate to be tied to one place they also crave having their soul mate at their side. You love life and therefore you need a partner that loves life in the same way you do. You need someone who can keep up with your desire to find adventure at every turn and your need to constantly expand and grow – this is not an easy task to fill. It’s also why Sagittarians tend to be single longer.

Early on in a relationship, the Sagittarius is all consuming. After all, they are a passionate fire sign so you throw yourself like a speeding bullet. Keeping up with the Sagittarius is hard. You should think about committing to the life you have, especially if it is a good life, and learn to reign in that urge to constantly stay on the move. Otherwise, your romance that has you so excited can fizzle as fast as it started.

Sagittarians love to create huge projects that would overwhelm most, but then again that should be no surprise since you ae dreamers. You have a deep desire to create new worlds and you need to have a partner that has the same type of vision so that he/she can encourage you, while remaining grounded enough to be there when things get tough and you need reassurance.

Sagittarius is a late bloomer and in those younger years, it is very common to be single. The thrill of the chase is much more important than the catch. And you have not trouble bragging about your victories. The Sagittarius gets away with this bragging that can sometimes be annoying, thanks to his/her good humor and honesty. In fact, Sagittarians rarely have enemies in the romance department thanks to you being upfront about what you are looking for (a good time) there are no surprises.

Sagittarius is the optimist in the Zodiac signs, so you will always see your partner’s potential. You need to make sure that potential is realistic, because you are the generous Zodiac that will happily share your financial resources so make sure you are not looking at things through rose colored classes.

Sagittarius is addicted to hope and not necessarily in a healthy way. Make sure you take the time create what your partner should look like and what characteristics you want. That will help you be more realistic.

Sagittarius is by far the luckiest Zodiac sign so even though you play with fire in your romances you come out smiling.

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