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Pisces Man

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces is the last sun sign in the zodiac and it is the most trusted guard of the entire zodiacal system. Pisces is a water sign that is too fluid and slippery. However, a typical Piscean man can be very gentle and patient in nature. If at there is a word called care in the dictionary, it applies to a Piscean man! He isvery sympathetic to others with a sense of concern for other people’s problems and pitfalls. However, he is also very sensitive to some emotive issues and they may pose a challenging scenario when they may undergo serious pressure and strain on their mind and body. Bad moments can make them reclusive and sedentary while happy moments can make them more cheerful and boisterous. He always believes in two surreal worlds and domains – that of a place where is living now and the other that he creates in his mind.


By nature, a Piscean man is very dreamy, spiritual, philosophical and charming. He could also be extremely imaginative, thinking, intelligent, smart, easy going and challenging. The eternal signs of a poet, dramatist, interpreters, and philosophers are common among Piscean males.

Although, they look shy and reserved, they can be the most out-going persons when given a chance to them to emerge out of their cocoon. With all their perceived noble qualities, a Piscean man could be impractical and unsuited to professions that deal a lot with practical work like engineering. They can show excellent results as artists, writers, novelists or musicians.

All Pisces men need a calm and serene environment to work on their assignments and projects. Otherwise, their personal productivity can come down due to their delicate mental systems. Pisces men are not too ambitious than those born under other signs. Once they achieve something or reach a particular goalpost, they will feel content and satisfied with the results. They will feel happy that they have enough in life and they do not need to achieve other things. In fact, they keep looking for a secure life without any conflicts and risks.

Pisces Man Health

Pisces is a sun sign that manages lymphatic systems and their general functions. Body swelling, allergies of nose and body, feet injuries is some of the most common problems that they are likely to face. Because of their extremely fragile nature, they can even develop nervous disorders later in their life.

Pisces Man Money and Career

Because of their fragile emotional nature, Piscean males may not succeed in professions that require hard work and dedicated physical efforts. However, they could be most desirable personalities for working as artists, painters, writers, dramatists, museum curators and entertainers.

Piscean males are too refined and sophisticated to work for those jobs that are rugged and rough. They may their satisfaction in such professions as film and television, ballet, opera, style & fashion and marketing industries. They may also do very well in such industries as nursing, medicine, age-care and social service industries. Money comes flowing to their wallets especially for those who work in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Pisces Man in Love

A typical Piscean man is sensual, sexy, good looking, cute and passionate. He could be a great lover of physical beauty while the physical attraction with women may play an important role in setting up a permanent marital relationship. However, he could be artificial and hypocrite to the core with a tendency for telling things that are half-truths. In some cases, Piscean men can fail utterly in their personal relationship with women because of their over-zealousness and urgency.

False fantasies and useless imaginations can harm their life to the maximum. With all these perceived negative characters, they can still be the most desirable and lovable individuals in the world. What they need to do is to create an environment of peace and affection with their spouses and eradicate feelings of dishonesty and mistrust. The most compatible sun signs for Pisces men are Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Pisces while other signs of the zodiac could be incompatible and conflicting.

Famous Pisces Man

Galileo, Rex Harrison, Quincy Jones, Nat King Cole, Albert Einstein, Harry Belafonte, Chopin, Bruce Willis, Edgar Cayce, Sidney Poitier, Voltaire, Washington, Renoir, Billy Crystal, George Harrison, Jerry Lewis More famous Pisces

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