Pisces in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Pisces in Relationship: Problems & AdviceSince the Pisces is someone who is often in another realm or someone who feels they are separate from the physical world, they often reach out to people who are more grounded and more practical. The Pisces can often be the partner that doesn’t connect easily or that seems flighty. It’s not that they are trying to hurt the other person, but they may simply need to be less concrete in conversations or in interactions. When the Pisces isn’t able to relate well to others, they might choose to isolate themselves or to find a way to feel safe. This might mean moving deeper into their spiritual practice, or it might mean that they push their own needs aside in order to fit in. Though this might work for a while for the Pisces, it can also be a way in which they are not being true to themselves, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and tension.

In a relationship, the Pisces will want to be open about what they are feeling, and why it might be important to witness this feeling in the relationship. They should feel ready to bring a spiritual attitude into their relationship, which can strengthen the bond between them and a partner. True, not everyone will be interested in this sort of connection, so a Pisces may do well to choose their partners carefully.

For the Pisces that is hesitant in relationships, it can be helpful to find someone who is more physical than mental in their activities. By being with someone who experiences the world differently, the partnership can be more effective. At the same time, it can also be helpful to find someone who is the same sign, as understanding can be easier and more comfortable.

One of the things that can challenge a Pisces in relationships is not feeling heard or seen as easily. They might challenge themselves to speak up more and to make sure their partner is listening. Though it may not be comfortable to speak up all the time, it can make partners closer. A Pisces might try to start this sort of interaction by setting aside time with a partner to talk, without being interrupted.

A Pisces can also appear to be moody in relationships, as they often have minds that are separate from the real world. Things upset them easily and they are often hurt by unintentional comments by others. To work with this in a relationship, the Pisces might want to speak up about their feelings, as well as endeavor to think their partner isn’t trying to hurt them. Sometimes, letting things go and not taking things as personally can help make things easier.


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