Pisces in Love

Pisces in LoveThere’s no question that you are a romantic – you love being in love – trouble is it all sounds good in theory but doesn’t always go according to plan in real life. Then again, Neptune is the fantasy planet, so it makes sense that you want romance to sweep you away. Pisces has no problem finding fantasy and magic in their world. Pisces is nurturing, sensitive, and gentle and your partner relies on this softness.

Pisces is always in search of a partner that can provide them with both freedom and security, and has trouble understanding why such a person is hard to find. Pisces can jump from fantasy to realist in a split second, and just as quickly go back the other way.

Commitment is not your favorite part of a relationship and you’ll go out of your way to avoid it. For example, you’ll loudly complain to friends and family about how terrible your partner treats you. But secretly you get a rush from all the drama that feeds your fantasies. This can really be confusing for your friends and family who are trying to convince you to dump the partner – after all, he/she must be a loser if what you’ve been saying is true. But as quickly as you complained about him/her you are back in their arms – well at least until you find someone better. Finding the next partner is never a problem for the Pisces who can easily catch whomever they want.

Sometimes Pisces is their own worst enemy, especially when it pertains to love. Your choice in partners can be questionable. You are drawn to grungy street performers, tortured soles, and people that have a very dark past. If there’s a sob story in it somewhere, your big heart is going to open up to this person. Then again, every now and then you are a bit of a tortured soul yourself.

Pisces have trouble asserting themselves with their partner and they have trouble asking for what it is they need out of the relationship. As a result, they can become quite passive-aggressive if they are not happy. Remember your partner can’t read your mind. Just because you are having a strong emotional response does not mean that your partner will know this.

Pisces tend to wander from one relationship to the next rather than working on any of them so that they are able to succeed. Pisces are very intuitive and this means they can easily feel the pain of another; however, that is not reciprocated unless it’s another Pisces. Besides, consider finding a partner and bonding on a more positive note, rather than on the pain of another.

Pisces often struggle with love long term unless they are willing to put the time in to deal with the issues that affect them.

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