Libra Woman - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Libra WomanLibra (September 23 - October 22)

Venus is the god of love and affection! Those women born under this great sign represents everything related to love, affection, peace, quality and natural justice. She also has a rare quality that directs her mind to balance all oppositional, forces that tend to conflict with life. Libra is a balancing sun sign that tries to equate good from the bad. Libra women tendto weigh available options and opportunities to derive the best advantages and benefits. They could be unbiased in their mind and decision making abilities. However, her need to balance various aspects of life can put her into some unforeseen problems.

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They can be very good facilitators of natural justice. On the other hand, they can be very good judges, mediators and arbitrators for finding what is good for life and what is not. They can be extremely fair and equitable in their decision abilities. However, Libra women could be balancing or compromising at times because of their dual nature.

Libra woman must try to be cautious while making any decisions because she can be erratic and inconsistent with their decision-making abilities. She must remember her personal responsibilities and freedom before making any critical decisions. She may also need to stop taking temporary decisions in her life that may eventually pose lot of problems.

Libra women are socially responsible people who also know how to behave well in public. Issues of human rights and natural justice come naturally to them. They also tend to veer towards taking up social conflicts and arguments to solve pending problems with an iron hand. In the end, Libra women can lead a life of contentment and satisfaction with their fair and unbiased mind.

Libra Woman Health

Libra women are healthy, hale and full of energy with a burning ambition to lead a life of bliss and fullness. However, they may need to guard their health status by protecting the digestive and circulatory systems. Occasional hiccups in health can pose some problems especially in the second half of their life.

Libra Woman Money and Career

Good living and a luxurious life come naturally to a Libra woman! The goddess of beauty and love ensures a Libra woman that she is prosperous and contended throughout her life. However, her balancing mind will urge her to equate finer things if life with those of savings and financial sufficiency.

A Libra woman can save her money for a rainy day; this unique ability can save her from all difficult financial situations. She also knows how to tighten her financial belt! Almost all Libra women like to invest their money in to profitable and paying ventures. Professions like office management, financial development and planning and brokerage fit their mind and intellect.

Libra Woman in Love

Libra is a sign that represents unions, partnerships, marriage, love and happiness! Libra is also a sign that indicates a strong confluence of ideas and expressions; Libra women always like t merge their ideas and thoughts. Libra women are very passionate and romantic with their lovers and spouses. Libra women can never be alone in their life; in fact, they always need companionship and partnership. Occasional developments in relationship with their partners may occur because of their haste in choosing their partners.

On the positive side, Libra woman may like to preserve her relationship with the opposite sex for a long time. Libra women can gel with all other sun signs excepting those of Sagittarius and Leo who may pose some relationship problems.

Libra Famous Woman

Julie Andrews, Margaret Thatcher, Monica Bellucci, Rita Hayworth, Linda McCartney, Susan Anton, Sigourney Weaver, PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco, Janeane Garafolo, Emily Post, Donna Karan, Barbara Walters, Annie Liebowitz, Mary McFadden, Anne Rice, Moon Zappa, Sarah Ferguson More famous Libra

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