Libra Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Libra Man

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The Venus, God for love, is the ruler of all Libra men. This sun sign is special in the sense that people who are born under this sign weigh the options and choices of the life before taking any decisions. In fact, men who are born under this sign keep searching for peace, truth, quality and justice in whatever they do or perform. Theycan effectively balance conflicting forces around them to achieve equality of life. Although they have an unbiased mind and emotion, they can find themselves in conflicting or mutually quarreling situations that demand fair judgments and resolutions. 

Libra men possess a natural instinct in understanding what is right, and what is wrong. In fact, Libra men can be very good mediators and judges in solving any pending conflicts and disagreements. They have the ability to arbitrate between two people with an uncanny efficiency. Libra men hold their scales with a sense of dedication.

In fact, they may lead a life that requires dual mindedness, one that seeks justice while the other compromise. Libra men should take care of their tendency to postpone things that may put them in occasional scenarios that could be extremely awkward and embarrassing. With their positive outlook, they also have many negative qualities like inconsistency and instability.

They can be very erratic at times with a mind that fails to find out the mood among other people. They can forget their own personal problems while focusing their mind on finding out solutions to other people's problems. Libra men can be very good leaders and guides because of their perceived fair attitude and characters. They always work very hard to earn recognition and leadership qualities.

They welcome other people's opinions, mind and expressions. They are also eternal truth seekers who can go the extent of arguing with others to win their cases. They love other people while they expect other people to love them. They also like harmony among people and nature around them.

Libra Man Health

Libra men are healthy in mind, intellect and body. However, they should take guard against many unforeseen health problems that may arise because of some accidents and mishaps. Problems related to digestive and vascular system may bother some Libra men from time to time.

Libra Man Money and Career

People who are born under this sign are ambitious and goal oriented both in their jobs and business. They are too intelligent and smart, enough to hide their ambitions behind a curtain of secrecy. Librans are very calm and quiet while working and they do not hurt anyone with their actions or deeds.

They are diplomatic as well. Libra is a sign that represents productive partnerships, peace, harmony and diplomacy. Libra men can display a wonderful ability to convince people, reconcile with warring parties and balance matters with conflicting partners. They will do very well with those professions that deal with peace, harmony, partnership, intellectuality and intelligence. Their ability to create a consistent pool of income can help them lead a life of satisfaction.

Libra Man in Love

Libra men are very sensitive towards matters that concern their heart and soul. They want someone to love and adore them. Hence, the opposite sex must show enough affection and care for them so that they can stick with them for longer durations. Libra men are supposed to be the most accomplished lovers of all and their legendary ability to convince women is just out of the world. Libra men also like romance, passion and seduction.

They can be extremely flirting and outgoing with women. They know how to please, excite and tease a woman and later grab their attention. The three most suitable and compatible signs for Libra men are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They can also gel well with other signs like Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio and Leo

Famous Libra Man

Will Smith, Matt Damon, John Lennon, Sting, Michael Douglas, Jesse Jackson, Chuck Berry, Russell Simmons, Mahatma Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Meatloaf, Himmler, Aleister Crowley More famous Libra






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