Libra in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Libra in Relationship: Problems & AdviceAs in all of their relationships, the Libra is someone who is constantly giving in their relationships. They are more than willing to spend time helping others feel good about themselves, and about navigating through conflicts. This makes them ideal partners, and it can help in relationships where one partner is less experienced in relationships. The Libra is going to be a person who is willing to talk things through, and they are going to be a person who is understanding of the other person’s needs. At the same time, if the other person in the relationship enjoys being taken care of, this sort of relationship might leave little time for the Libra to have their own attention and care. Sometimes, the Libra is a person who might be in a relationship or be drawn to a relationship with someone who is needy and damaged. The Libra might feel they can fix them, or help them change themselves. As a result, the Libra might spend all of their time working on the other person, eventually becoming drained.

It’s important for a Libra in a relationship to speak up for their needs, and to be willing to be less structured in love. They will want to set aside time to talk about what is coming up for them, if needed, and they will want to make sure they are the focal point of some conversations, instead of always turning the conversation back on the other person.

Sometimes, this need to help others comes from not feeling that they need any help, or they don't deserve help. If you’re the type of Libra that feels this way, then you need to stop and challenge yourself. You need to think less about what the other person needs, while still caring for them, but you need to be ready to be held and cared for when the time comes.

As the perpetual peacemaker in the relationship, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re not just trying to stop problems from happening or smoothing them over too quickly. Think instead about how you want to solve the problem. Think about what the cause was and work on that instead of just trying to make things feel better.

You aren’t likely to be someone that is unreliable in a relationship, but you may be someone who can become upset when another person seems to be unreliable. Though you are understanding of others (often to a fault), everyone has a breaking point. If you feel that others are taking advantage of you, you need to speak up and set clear expectations.

In love, the Libra is a sign that is willing to be the best partner possible, and they might do so to a fault. To ensure that the relationship is balanced, it’s clear that both partners need to maintain awareness of who is giving and who is receiving in the relationship. No relationship is perfect, but when you’re aware of how things are being shared, it can help in avoiding long-term troubles.


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