Libra in Love

Libra in LoveLibra is always at their best when they have a companion that they can share life with. The Libra is a romantic idealist who will wander aimlessly looking for that perfect partner. It’s pretty common for a Libra to wait years to find their soul mate. Friends and family begin to question why such a charming individual is still single.

The Libra is witty, and has all kinds of style and finesse – it’s no wonder you have so many admirers. The Libra finds grooming to be of the highest priority for themselves and their partner. You need to look good at all times! As a Libra you are always going to be dressed up and looking your best.

Libras are outgoing and love to spend time mingling with others. Besides who knows you just might meet your soul mate at one of the parties you throw. You love to get gather with others whether it’s a large group or a cozy smaller group.

Libras are always looking to find balance in their lives and therefore it is key that you keep this in mind when you choose a partner, because someone that doesn’t care about balance will create havoc in your world. You can be a real softie but you can also be dominating when the demand arises. The Libra believes that fairness and equality. You need a partner that is open minded and shares the same things you like.

People tease the Libra saying they are part sugar and part spice. After all you love to debate just for the fun of it. Libras hate conflict and would much rather spend their time creating an environment of peace and love. Having a partner that is passionate about some things is great. However, you don’t want someone that’s too forceful, because underneath it all you are actually gentle and soft, so you will not be able to deal with an overbearing personality.

If there is one thing Libras hate, it’s to be rushed. Libras can take years to commit to something, which can drive a partner that’s ready to settle down, marry, and start a family, completely crazy. Libra is always swaying back and forth having difficulty making up their mind what they should do. This inability to decide washes over into your relationship where you swing between ‘he’s perfect,’ and ‘he’s not right for me.’ Taking it slow is fine but keep in mind if you spend too much time debating you could lose him/her.

As a Libra, you depend heavily on others to carry you, especially when it comes to your emotional baggage. This can really affect your ability to develop a key relationship and to feel whole. Instead, take time to find balance that works for you and live in harmony with your partner. It’s easy on everyone, especially you!

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