Leo Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Leo Man

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The lion is the lord of the jungle and he is the undisputed king with ability to control and dominate other animals. Like a lion, even the Leo man has the streak of character that borders on aggression and dominance. His devil-may-care attitude can make him extremely courageous and extrovert as well.

Basically a warm-hearted man, Leo man could embody everything that a manaspires to be – courage, controlled aggression, wit, humor, instant sex appeal and charm! A great lover of friends, colleagues and women, he always likes to be in the center of action; in fact, he simply loves to take full control of proceedings in any meetings or deliberations.

A Leo man expects lot of loyalty and dedication from their friends and loved ones. His loyalty and faithfulness towards other people is legendary while his concern towards his family members and close friends is a stuff of folklore. He needs deep-rooted appreciation and encouragement from his friends as well. He wants others to notice him and appreciate his efforts.

While his zeal for life can make him extremely strong and vital. A Leo man would like to steal the limelight because of his larger than life personality. Their infectious and impulsive character, positive attitude and leadership qualities make them extremely lovable by all people.

Leo men can take calculated risks while working on their projects while they may falter and commit some glaring mistakes in the haste of getting their work done in double quick time. In business, they would like to charge ahead with all enthusiasm and energy only to emerge as very successful entrepreneurs.

Leo men are born to lead and guide others; they can lead, guide, direct, communicate and teach other people in an aristocratic manner. However, this impulsiveness may lead them to be aggressive and arrogant. These perceived negative qualities would earn them some rivals especially in the business circles.

Leo Man Health

Leo is a fire sign and all Leo men represent passion, devotion dedication and energy. These qualities relate to their circulatory and metabolic system. Leo men can develop severe health problems connected with digestive and hormonal system. Nervous system problems and symptoms associated with feet and hands are possible especially in the old age.

Leo Man Money and Career

Leo men are born leaders who would like to lead their fellow men with their superb leadership qualities. Leo men could become great military generals and corporate managers. They always appreciate finer things of life; their love for grandeur and power help them to reach lofty positions in life. They can make very good lawyers, leaders, military personalities, bankers and brokers.

Their preferred business activities are managing the team, administration and fiscal management. Almost all Leo men like luxuries and grander things of life. They like fine cars, mansions, earthly materials and positional advantages. They can spend their money for all those things that bring them power and laurels. They will also have a constant and consistent stream if income that can make them even more powerful.

Leo Man in Love

Leo men can be warm-hearted and extremely lovable. They are great romantics and passionate towards their spouses and lovers. They are faithful towards them as well. They are passionate and considerate in their personal relationship. With Leo men, one can never have a dull or boring moment. However, they do not like intolerance and personal criticism from others.

Leo men have extreme sex drive and their powerful presence can make the opposite sex like them more than ever. Leo men can gel extremely well with signs like Sagittarius, Aries and Libra while they do not go along well with signs like Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

Leo Sagittarius Man

Robert Redford, Wesley Snipes, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Sean Penn, Antonio Banderas, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter O;Toole, Carl Jung, Napoleon, Benito Mussolini More famous Leo


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