Leo in Love

Leo in LoveThe Leo is definitely a romantic. Leo loves to be in love and thanks to your colorful personality, you want the whole world to know that you are in love! If you really want to see how flamboyant love can be between two Leos, all you have to do is look at Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Bill Clinton, or Sean Penn. That’s because Leo rules love and drama. Beautiful flowers, expensive gifts, trips, poetry written from the heart – the Leo will take it all, because he/she loves to be spoiled.

You might be surprised to learn that the Leo is actually addicted to attention. You love to be the center of attention and it doesn’t take you long to get hooked. But sadly what this does is leave you chasing after the next fix and that’s not always healthy.

When it comes to your family and career, you are the poster boy/girl for being put together. However, when it comes to your love life, nothing could be further from the truth. It could be compared to a bad soap opera. Your romantic choices will often leave friends and family cringing. Some may even walk away from you after watching you go around and around in this cycle, which is very hard for the Leo to break free of.

Leo is boss in everything they tackle. The trouble is when it comes to your love life that powerfulness can make it harder to find a partner – or at least one that can keep up at the same pace you are moving. Ironically, a Leo doesn’t care if their partner is dysfunctional, a loser, less intelligent, etc. You’ll love them no matter what. In fact, deep down you may be enjoying your superiority. For the Leo woman it may feel very ‘hip’ to have a kept man but if you dig deep you’ll discover this all relates to your control issues. For the Leo man that power can be great for his mojo. Seldom will a Leo think about being with an equal or with someone who is as dynamic as they are.

For the Leo loyalty is very important. You will stick by your partner’s side no matter what life throws your way. Your warm heart really is your secret weapon. You are generous, kind, and loving – this is very addictive to any potential partners. You are an excellent friend, an amazing lover, a terrific parent, and a pillar within your own community. Your partner needs to be content to bask in your life source.

The Leo has plenty of love to offer and will never settle for ‘second best’ in their relationships. Even though your ego will play a role in the partner, you choose keep in mind that respect and support are factors worth seeking, even if it means a little less glamour.

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