Gemini in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Gemini in Relationship: Problems & AdviceA Gemini in love is someone who is thrilling to be with. They are alive and inspired and they want their partner to be a part of their next great adventure. At the same time, a person who is in a relationship with a Gemini needs to be full of energy, as the Gemini will not stop for anyone. In a relationship, a Gemini wants to continue to do new things and to explore new areas. This might mean you want to go out every night or you don’t want to be in any type of schedule. Though this might be freeing for your soul, it can also make a partner feel as though they are not as important. When you’re constantly moving onto something else, your partner might wonder when you will move away from them and onto someone new.

In love relationships, you feel as though your actions should speak louder than your words, but that doesn’t always ring true for others. You might want to challenge yourself to speak up more about how you feel and what your partner means to you. If you apply your natural excitement to your relationship, you can make it the thrilling connection you want it to be.

There are some Geminis that will have a completely different approach. Because they are thinking about new things or ideas, they might appear aloof and disconnected from the relationships around them. Their partners might begin to feel as though they are not as important, or not as exciting as they once were. Again, you need to be aware of the times when you are focused on new things, and make sure you’re making time for your relationship.

Think about the way that you are with new thoughts and experiences. You dive into them and you examine them closely or quickly. Either way, you begin to create a story about them and you learn all that you can before you move on. Try using this sort of attitude when you’re in a relationship. This will allow you to show your partner that you are just as interested in them as you are in something else that tickles your fancy at the time.

Plus, it can help for you to carve out more time for the people in your life that matter. Think about how much time you are spending on your current interests, and make sure that you are spending comparable time with people too. It can also be helpful if you stay connected to a person that you’re partnered with, even if you’re at a party with exciting people. The partner you came with needs to know you are interested in them and what they are doing. If you have to walk away, come back quickly, or make sure that you check in with your partner often to show you haven’t forgotten them.


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