Gemini in Love

Gemini in LoveLove might be in the air but it definitely is not easy for the Gemini, who is ever changing and morphing. You are the sign of the twins and that means you have all kinds of personality traits, making it really hard to find a partner that’s compatible to you.

Gemini’s love to flirt and so their courtship with their partner can very good. Your partner gets to enjoy everything from sexting to a sexcapade, because you love romantic games. Your problem is you do not do a good job of telling the difference between someone who is just looking for a fling and someone who is looking for love and a long term commitment. Gemini may not realize it but it is not a playmate they need they need a soul mate. Even though you love, the fun and flirty part of your relationship deep down all of those moves are serious. Only a handful of people actually understand that, and it’s amongst those people that you should look for your soul mate.

The Gemini can commit to a long-term relationship but it’s not without its difficulties. It seems for the Gemini that commitment often only comes after an endless string of affairs and/or marriages that end about as quickly as they got started. For the Gemini it’s all or nothing – there’s simply no middle mark. It can be confusing for you too because part of you demands freedom while the other part wants eternal love.

It is imperative that the Gemini get their desire for variety out of their system before moving onto something more serious. You can be a real player, and your romantic side is wild – completely unpredictable. In the past of a Gemini, you will find porn stars, strippers, ex-cons, foreign dignitaries, circus performers, and all kinds of interesting people.

So what does Gemini’s perfect match look like? Gemini needs a partner that’s young at heart, is able to expand your horizons, and who has the same adventurous spirit that you have. Gemini needs a partner who is going to keep them on their toes, who takes craziness into stride, and who is perfectly okay with inconsistency.

Your sign rules communication so that means you love to talk and you love to brainstorm ideas with your partner, who needs to be able to hold their own in what can be a very challenging debate. For the Gemini love is all about a mental match.

When a Gemini finds that soul mate, they can be extremely loyal under the right circumstances. Under the wrong circumstances, they’ll be gone before you can say 1, 2, 3. A predictable life that reads like a script will make them disappear. Sure traditions such as marriage and family are okay, but there has to be room for the Gemini to rebel otherwise they cannot be happy or content. After all, the Gemini is a dreamer.

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