Capricorn in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Capricorn in Relationship: Problems & AdviceThe trick with a Capricorn is that you can be difficult to know. With your cool demeanor and your willingness to be reserved and in the background, you might not be the person people come up to in a party or social situation. Though you do have close friends, you’re more likely to hold onto these friends than to make new ones. You only let so many people in, and this is especially true when it comes to your relationships. The Capricorn in love is a person who is steady and with someone who is also as steady as they are. You don’t want to seek out drama, nor do you need a lot of excitement in order to be happy. At the same time, you might end up being with a person who likes to do more and to explore more. This person will help you get out of the normal everyday life you lead and into experiences that expand your horizons. But when a partner is too excitable, that can make you uncomfortable and it might leave you feeling pressured to act a certain way.

Your grounded demeanor is appealing in a relationship, though it can also mean that your partner may not know what you’re thinking or feeling. You need to be especially careful to talk to your partner about what’s happening in your head and in your heart. If you don’t, you may begin to feel as though you’re not being seen for the hard work you do. You might also want to focus on sharing what you feel more than simply showing how you feel in your actions.

The trick with being so collected is that a Capricorn can sometimes seem as though they don't care about the other person. Though they are the first person to hug you, if they are in a long-term relationship, they might begin to focus more on the steady work of a relationship more than being emotional.

To become more emotional in a relationship is to reveal more of yourself. Sometimes, you feel the need to defend yourself and to keep yourself safe, so you don’t always share everything on your mind. This is not always a bad thing, but when you hold back too often, it can cause you to become a person who is less approachable and warm.

In relationships, even new ones, it can help if the Capricorn focuses more on communications. This will build a solid foundation of trust, which then leads to their ongoing loyalty. Once in a committed relationship, the Capricorn is one that is there for the long term. They are willing to work out conflicts, or they are willing to let things go, as they have a strong sense of perspective.

Whether you’re in love now or you’re looking for love, remember that while you might not show emotions and you feel comfortable with that, some people need to see emotions in order to know what kind of person you are.


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