Capricorn in Love

Capricorn in LoveCapricorn are very serious when it comes to love. This goal oriented Zodiac doesn’t play around. It’s pretty common for the Capricorn to have a 10 year plan in place and your partner needs to fit into that plan. Flings aren’t your thing and the Capricorn finds being alone a better choice than jumping from one partner to the next. The trouble is this has actually lead to a higher than normal divorce rate, because the Capricorn will marry without taking the time to really get to know their spouse.

Capricorns are very conscious of their status – it is important to them, whether it’s money, degree, home, care they drive, etc. A Capricorn’s partner needs to be able to apply all of the things that stand for status.

The Capricorn often plays the role of the “rock” within the family unit. People know they can lean on the Capricorn. If your partner doesn’t fit well with your family and the loyalty you show them, then the relationship will quickly come to an end.

Capricorns are workaholics and being a CEO is certainly in their cards. However, even though you find work to be important and fulfilling, make sure that you leave enough time for your personal life. You need to find balance. If you don’t give your relationship the attention it deserves you could find yourself divorced. Give your love life the same attention you give your work.

Capricorns are a loyal bunch. They value things that last and that includes their relationships. Don’t mistake their flirty behavior with wanting change in their life. Often a Capricorn will marry the person that they have known the longest. In fact, you might not even take your compatibility into question. You believe that if someone keeps coming back or you can’t get rid of someone then they have to really love you. By the way you can’t tell a Capricorn anything differently.

Capricorn is an earth sign and that means they have a healthy appetite for life. It also means that occasionally they can stray, because they don’t see a hookup that means nothing to the heart as cheating. Of course, that’s likely not how your partner will see things. Your actions can lead to you blowing up your life with your partner.

Capricorns have a wild streak that lies quietly beneath the serious front they portray. Very few will actually hear about your fantasies that are way out there. Your partner, if he/she is open minded, might be one person you share with.

Any Capricorn that is deprived of having a stable family unit could spend their life regretting and resenting, and therefore never letting love reach their hearts. Work through your issues because love is worth fighting for and it’s certainly worth having.

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