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Cancer WomanCancer (Jun 21 - July 22)

The zodiacal sign of Cancer is almost synonymous with everything related to home and the family. Cancer also signifies a strong motherly bond! In their nature, typical Cancer women relate their lives to their past. If the childhood is not satisfactory for a Cancer woman, she can feel the emotional upheaval even during her old age. It means that they could be extremely emotionalin their nature. On the other side, she experiences a happy and contended earn life, she will be emotionally stable and mature person later in the life. The Cancer or the Crab girl is the prisoner of her own past and she will react to her past in a significant manner.

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A Cancer woman needs plenty of emotional support and assistance in her early life. If given enough support, she can be one of the best providers of care and support to her loved ones. The Cancer woman is a very strong believer in her destiny and future. She can easily remember her experiences, events and happenings in a marked manner. She can be highly nostalgic as well. She is also a very strong believer in her future. She can remember faces and personalities in a remarkable manner.

The home is where a Cancer woman’s heart and soul is! Her home is everything to her; her spouse, children and family members are her life and inspiration! She can show extreme care and concerns for them throughout their life. When someone becomes a close friend to a Cancer woman, she can show very good camaraderie towards him or her. On the other hand, if you hurt or offend her, she will never forgive for the rest of your life.

Cancer Woman Health

Women born under this sign are healthy and hale throughout their lives. However, they are more prone towards developing nervous problems and circulatory diseases later in their life. Their health status depends on how well their spouses look after them in their mid forties and fifties.

Cancer Woman Money and Career

Believe a Cancer woman’s ability to save for a rainy day! She is a stickler for financial rules and etiquette. She knows how to take care of her money and financial resources! She also believes in her financial security and she does everything to preserve her money for those difficult days! However, she will spend her money for the most necessities of her life. She likes to invest in those instruments that yield long-term benefits and advantages.

Cancer Woman in Love

A typical Cancer woman could be very private and personal. She is also very cozy, affectionate, loving, caring, gentle and intimate towards her family members and close friends. She needs a total commitment from her family members and friends so that she can give her enduring care and affection. Cancer women have a deep understanding of relationships and they respond to this reality as and when necessary. They can view mistrust and dishonesty with a serious mind and they will never forgive someone who treats her very badly without any reason. In all, she can remember her bad past with all seriousness.

Cancer Famous Woman

Pamela Anderson, Jessica Hahn, Anjelica Huston, Ann Landers, Juliette Lewis, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Princess Diana More famous Cancer

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