Cancer Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Cancer Man

Cancer (Jun 21 - July 22)

Cancer is perhaps the most sensitive and the weakest emotional sign in the entire zodiac system. Moon controls this sign and the planet that changes its position throughout the day and night; hence, it is the most unstable planet of all. Just like the moon, even the man born under this sign is an emotionally weak person with constantly shifting moods.

Cancer man cancharm anyone with his mild and soothing demeanor; once he catches your attention, you will feel that he is a person who can be a very good friend. A typical Cancer man can never tolerate rejection by anyone. He may show too much concern for what others tell him or think of him. In fact, he does not like losing his face or name and this makes him to protect his honor at any cost. Other people may think him to be a boring person that is actually untrue.

A typical Cancer man can be gifted, smart, intelligent, intuitive, imaginative and upright in his nature. He could also be very complex and mysterious especially when it comes to his demeanor. On the other hand, he could also be very funny and exciting to have a friendship. His shifting moods and mannerism could pose some problems for those who do not know him. A Cancer man could be a loner and sedentary; just like a crab, he likes to hide in his nest that is his home! He can be a loner as well!

He is also very gentle and affable with a pleasing mannerism. It is very easy to fall in love with this person because of his sweet nature. Politeness is his birthright. He could be very protective of those with who he is in deep love. However, not many people can attract his attention because he is very special and rare. A Cancer man could be very choosy in selection of friends and lovers. He could also be very possessive of everything that be believes belong to him. He could also be very suspicious of anyone who tries to impress him.

Cancer Man Health

A Cancer man could face a number health problems related to digestion and circulation. Cancer is a water sign and the water controls his body system. Weak immune system accompanied by dehydration could pose serious health consequences.

Cancer Man Money and Career

The Cancer man is very careful about his money and finances. He can be miserly at times while he may also spend money on those people whom he trusts a lot. His main worry is his financial security and he will do everything to protect his money.

He could be looking for multiple sources of income so that he can make his own small financial fortune. If money is a not a concern, he can be very generous with a controlled spending habit. The Cancer man likes to invest in conservative mutual fund systems or in real estate projects. The Cancer man could be a great entertainer or a music artist of even could be a man of art. With their born intelligence, they could become very good doctors, lawyers, judges or musicians.

Cancer Man in Love

The Cancer man could be an extremely shy person! However, once he gets to know a girl, he can open up very slowly to develop a deep relationship. If he feels that he can trust the person he is about to love, then he can be the most pleasing person in the world. He likes very mature, sensible and cheerful girl or woman who is ready to go to an extra length to please and love him.

In fact, if everything is right, a Cancer man could be a one-woman man with utmost respect for her mind, feelings and expressions. A Cancer man can have a lasting relationship with other sun signs like Pisces and Scorpio while fire signs like Aries could be very difficult to handle and manage.

Famous Cancer Man

Kevin Bacon, Mel Brooks, George Bush Jr., Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Carlos Santana, Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Stewart, Donald Sutherland and Robin Williams More famous Cancer


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