Cancer in Love

Cancer in LoveCancer is truly the Zodiac sign of family and children. Cancer is the ruler of the heart and everything in your life that is associated with love is taken very serious. Your friends are out having a good time while you are focused on choosing names for your children, and even creating the perfect nursery in your mind.

Cancers are very selective about who they let into their lives to share that love and so you will find they have a tight group of friends. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find your partner within that group of friends. After all, you trust this group of friends and so you will be receptive to a romantic intervention with a referral.

Cancers are homebodies and love to snuggle on the sofa with their mate. Of course, you also enjoy a night out where you are treated like a princess. The Cancer is extremely intuitive but with that comes moodiness, and the Cancer’s partner needs to learn to respect those emotional ups and downs.

The sensitive Cancer can sometimes be insecure, especially when they are lacking stability and reassurance in their life. This is also why Cancers are attracted to successful and confident partners. Cancers need a nurturing partner that’s trustworthy so they can relax and focus on building a home.

Cancer will have all kinds of crushes but when it comes to true love this is a very serious matter for the Cancer and it can be difficult for them since they have a problem opening up. As a result, it takes Cancer a long time to give their heart in full, and to share your deepest thoughts and secrets. However, once a Cancer gives you their heart, it’s all yours.

Your family is important to you and that means your partner is going to have to get along with them and be loved, otherwise the relationship is just not going to work out. These get togethers that span generations are important to you – Christmas, Thanksgiving dinners, family vacations – your partner is going to have to be part of these special moments.

When a relationship doesn’t work, Cancer has a very hard time cutting the cord. They cling to love for a long time before they let go. While that can be negative, it can also be positive, as they are willing to work hard at love.

As a Cancer, you need to look for a partner that can offer you a combination of tenderness and toughness, and a partner that is sympathetic and loyal. Cancers are looking for long-term commitments not casual flings. When you have a Cancer in your life you have commitment.

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