Aries Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Aries Man

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is a masculine sign that signifies power and strength. Most Arian men possess a strong, muscular and athletic body that exudes immense strength. They love adventure, fun and thrilling activities. They keep looking for new and enriching experiences in their life. In other words, they exhibit their fearless and brave face in front of all odds of life. Arian men can be veryintelligent and smart!

Their business and entrepreneurial skills are legendary and well respected. They are ambitious and dedicated towards their goals and objectives. Their vision for their future runs beyond the ordinary.

An Arian man may never listen to other people unless there is some sense to what they say and utter. However, he may be too hostile and aggressive towards those who work under him. Arian men are very enthusiastic about their work and they possess a very high level of motivation towards any assigned task. They are very progressive in their thinking and activities. They are quick in their ability to provide the best and focused results. Working Arian men can gain promotion and pay hikes faster than any other sun signs.

Arian men are aware of their opportunities and chances especially in their career field. They can be very shrewd, cunning, exploiting and deceiving at times especially when it comes to issues like career promotion and pay hikes; in fact, they can beat their adversaries in office room competition involving promotions.

Arian men have a very strong mind with a tremendous ability to inspire other people with their impeccable abilities and stamina. Arian men can be very good leaders too, especially in large corporations and business firms. Aries men are full of amazing ideas and creative energy. Almost all Arian males take their birth with characteristics of rebellion. They love to defy authority enforced by others because they always think that they are smarter and wiser than others are.

Aries Man Health

An Arian is all fire and energy! Hence, he is always prone to diseases and illnesses connected with circulatory and metabolic systems. Because of his immense energy, he may undergo sever fatigue and tiredness throughout his later stages of life. Symptoms and indications related to feet, leg, torso and shoulder might be very common as well.

Aries Man Money and Career

In spite of an Arian man’s ability to work hard and earn lot of money, he can lack the ability to conserve the available financial resources for those moments of crisis. In fact, he can spend a lot for those things that not necessary for his life. Extravagance is another word for an Arian man’s financial life! However, Arian men could also be very successful in generating lot of income with their tremendous business intelligence and acumen.

They could be very strong business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs. Some of the most famous Arians possess legendary motivational levels and immense drive for professional success. Arian men can do well in such professions as doctors, managers, CEOs, financial advisors and strategists.

Aries Man in Love

Arian men love all those girls and women who look very down to earth, smooth and feminine. However, they expect their women to be very strong and amenable to his strong physique and nature. Arian men possess a rare quality of romance and passion that tend to overflow once they give their heart and soul to the women of their choice.

Relationship with an Arian man can be exciting and thrilling for those women who adjust their lifestyle and preferences. Arians always demand attention from their spouses and lovers; sometimes, they can be too overpowering towards their opposite sex. Compatible signs for Arian males are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius while signs like Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio could be incompatible.

Famous Aries Men:

Warren Beatty, Eddie Murphy, Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Chan, Cesar Chavez, Eric Clapton, Al Gore, David Letterman, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Steve McQueen, J.S. Bach, Omar Sharif More famous Aries


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