Aries in Love

Aries in LoveAries – when it comes to love Aries is all about one on one relationship. The Aries thrives on one on one attention and you love the solo time you have with your partner. Aries will always put their partner first and expects the same in return. For the Aries if you are not the ‘star of the show,’ the show won’t go on.

Don’t mistake wanting to be the center of your lover’s universe with wanting to be controlled or suffocated. The Aries is very independent. As an Aries, you thrive on receiving attention (and giving it). Once you have that trust with someone special, you will share your most intimate details.

Aries can offer an amazing gift – they are excellent listeners. The Aries gives their whole heart to a relationship and with that comes their full attention. In fact, they can be suffocating with their ‘mothering.’ It’s a good idea to be aware of this tendency and stop yourself, because if you don’t, your independent spirit is going to rebel and you can destroy your relationship.

The Aries tends to get frustrated in love and in life in general and often say cruel things because they are frustrated. To reduce your frustration make some time for yourself every day. Breathe deep, relax, and meditate to stay centered and balanced in your love life.

Aries tend to rely on their partners and secretly they believe they rely on them too much. It’s important for you to keep following your heart – your interests, because they are part of you and this will help you to stay powerful and less dependent on your partner. In fact, if you wish to be successful in love you must keep a strong sense of who you are.

Aries has an appetite for love and lust, and you sensuality is all too evident in your day-to-day life. You want a mate that really understands you. While you might hang on to the wrong mate in an effort to make it work, you’ll not tolerate any signs of disrespect. Your partner will find himself or herself out the door so fast it will make their head spin.

Aries is the youngest Zodiac and they are the most macho and competitive sign. You are likely to stand guard over your partner like they are your most valuable possession and you certainly have the potential to engage in a fist fight out of sheer jealousy if someone tries to steal your mate. You tend to keep your relationship details private and that is okay, because you just do not feel like you have to share all the intimate details with the world.

Aries love deep and they love hard, so having an Aries as a partner can be a great thing!

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