Aquarius Man - Personality, Traits, in Love, in Bed

Aquarius Man

Aquarius (January 20- Februar 18)

The Aquarius is the water bearer of the constellation! It brings hope, relief and promise to the world. It also brings freshness and rare life to the earth. Men born under this sign tend to be broadminded, exciting, thrilling and fresh. However, they can also be very unpredictable and eccentric with their flowing and fluid mind.

They also possess radical and strange ideas and approaches to their life. In some cases, they can be extremely mysterious as well! In equal measure, they can be truly fascinating and exemplary with their wonderful ideas and highly innovative mind.

A typical Aquarius man may never like flattery and compliments. He could be show his annoying nature when someone tries to flatter him. In equal measure, he never bothers about those who pass comments about him. In other words, he has a very rigid attitude towards his friends and colleagues – “Live and Let Live! I do not care! This attitude will prohibit him from entering into gossiping about other people.

By birth, Aquarian men tend to be rebellious in their heart because they tend to do something that is utterly unconventional and surprising. In this way, they try to be unique from others. It looks as if they are detached from everyone and from those things that go around them.

People may confuse them just for this sole reason. At times, they can be unpredictable and uncertain; however, they have their purpose and goal in their mind before doing any work. Aquarian men can be spontaneous and instant both in their actions and in decisions. They are also very stable and secure with a hint of solidity in their thinking processes and action. They can think ahead of time unlike many other sun signs.

Aquarius Man Health

Aquarius is a constellation that looks after circulation and respiratory system. It also controls lower limbs, blood vessels and shoulders. Illnesses relating to blood and lungs can trouble them many times in their life. Hypertension and nervous problems may also affect them. Sudden illnesses and occasional accidents can cause injury to their organ systems.

Aquarius Man in Money and Career

Aquarius is an inquisitive sign that rules the brain and thinking power. A large number of researchers and scholars belong to this sign. It is not a surprise to see that what they think today will be the thought for others after a decade! Aquarian men could become great leaders and corporate managers.

They can take their friends and workers along with them with their pragmatism. Aquarian men have their own ways of doing things and they may never listen to others for advice and suggestions unless there is a strong reason.

On a negative side, fellow workers may not believe in their ideas because they are not yet ready to work on those things that an Aquarian man envisages or thinks. In fact, Aquarian men can succeed in any profession or job with their wisdom and intelligence. Money comes naturally to these people as they always cash on their fresh ideas to create wealth.

Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarian men are appealing and charming to women. Their sheer charisma can work wonders with the opposite sex. They always like those women who can pose dicey challenges and riddles that can take some time solve. Aquarian men find such women irrepressible and pulling. They are faithful and trusting with their spouses and lovers and true commitment towards the married life may work like wonderful magical potion. However, Aquarian men can play mind games to impress their spouses and lovers that may eventually lead to serious marital or friendship discard.

A deeply loving partner can provide the much needed warmth and sensuality and these characters may bring a sea of change in an Aquarian man’s life. Such a satisfied relation can go very long to many years in the end. Aquarian men go along well with sun signs like Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Aquarius while other signs may not be compatible with them.

Famous Aquarius Man

Bob Marley, Paul Newman, John Travolta, James Dean, Bobby Brown, Phil Collins, Yasir Arafat, Robert Wagner, James Dean, Neil Diamond, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, F.D. Roosevelt, Charles Dickens. More famous Aquarius


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