Aquarius in Relationship: Problems & Advice

Aquarius in Relationship: Problems & AdviceAs in many other areas of your life, Aquarius, you have some troubles with emotions when it comes to love. While you might feel deeply for another person, you’re not always the best at showing how you are feeling. Thus, in a romantic relationship, you might not be a person who shows any affection or that expresses love to your partner. You might choose to do so in private, but you are far less likely than other signs to show that you care. What you need to remember is that people who don't show a lot of emotion are often the ones that feel emotions more deeply. They are the ones that are often overwhelmed by what they feel, so they might decide to hide what is on their mind, until they can figure things out.

However, in relationships, it becomes necessary to break down these walls. A stronger relationship for an Aquarius will mean you need to start showing your emotions, or at least admit when you are feeling something strongly.

Because you are used to not showing emotions, you might not be as happy to have a partner who is more emotional. You might see them as being weak or unable to control themselves. You might be a person who points out when someone is not in control, or when they are letting their emotions overwhelm them. As a result, you may end up being critical of this person, and you might start to avoid them when their emotions become too much for you to handle.

At the same time, in relationships, you might expect a lot of the other person. You have hard and fast rules about how you expect a person to be, and when they don't live up to your expectations, you might have something to say about this situation. But you need to remember that you also need to be an active part of the relationship, as that can often help the other person know that they need to take care of you too.

You have a tendency to be very practical in relationships, and to focus more on the everyday needs of the person, as opposed to their emotional needs. If you notice this to be true about you, it can be helpful to talk to your partner about how you can meet their emotional needs.

In a loving relationship, you are committed and honest, almost to a fault. You do well in relationships that are solid and steady, and once you find someone to love, you will not be looking elsewhere. Those Aquarius signs that are single may find many of the people they date are not as serious about life, which can be frustrating. But if you can see the value in having a partner who doesn’t feel the same way about life that you do, you may end up in a relationship that brings out the best in both of you.


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