Aquarius in Love

Aquarius in LoveFor Aquarius love isn’t always so simple – in fact, it can be rather fickle. When it comes to love the Aquarius believes true love exists, which is why you are always in search of your soul mate. Ironically, as much as you are focused on finding your soul mate, when it comes to romantic partners in your life you are unpredictable. You fiercely guard your independence so while you are seeking a soul mate, you become frightened and anxious when you find your potential soul mate, sometimes jeopardizing things before they begin.

The key is to take the time to figure out what it is you want and then stick to finding it. Otherwise, the ever changing Aquarius can have a tough time of it. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is known for its sudden surprises. Aquarius has a pattern of marrying young and on a whim but then just as quickly finds themselves divorced.

The girl/guy next door look can fool many but Aquarians for the most part are extremely eccentric. While the Aquarius wishes he/she were as simple as the clean fresh outer image, the truth is that they are far more complicated than the superficial person they often come across as. Aquarius are visionaries, and they are complex and made up of many layers.

Your fear of not finding someone who truly understands you can cause you to settle for less and that’s not a wise decision. Instead of being caught up in a poor match, which can haunt you for years after it’s over, hold out for the right partner.

As an Aquarius, your heart is in making friendships – lots of them – so do just that. You are also interested in humanitarian causes so join a cause or network that share your beliefs – you have a good chance of finding a partner who has the same belief system and shares the same ideals. Think how great it would be to date your best friend and spend your evenings laughing and talking about your common bond.

The Aquarius needs lots of space and a great deal of freedom, which is why you may find yourself seeking a long distance relationship. You might also find yourself looking for less than conventional living arrangements– Aquarius often like to keep their own residence even after they are married. For the Aquarius it is a lot more important to connect mentally than to see them in person every day. Sending and receiving personal messages, especially spiritual ones, are preferred over the conventional ‘how was your day?’

Aquarius is the rebel sign so it should be no surprise to find you don’t follow the traditional path to marriage. Don’t be afraid of commitment, because you might be surprised to discover how it sets you free. Why not invent your own idea of romance and live by it.

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