5 Characteristics of Virgo

5 Characteristics of VirgoVirgoes have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Goal Orientated and Analytical

You can rely on a Virgo to focus on whatever the task at hand is. Best of all they’ll stick with it until it’s completed no matter what. Virgo is very good at looking to the future and setting goals and staying focused. There analytical side makes it easy for them to see the future in black and white and to produce clear pictures of where they want to go and to find solutions to problems that get in their way.

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2.Overcritical, Meticulous, and Perfectionists

Virgos have a clear picture in their minds of how things should be, and so they are often overcritical when life doesn’t fit the picture they have in their mind. No matter how small or big the detail, it will not escape from the watchful Virgo eyes. They are incredibly meticulous about everything and that’s part of being a perfectionist. Not only are the Virgo overcritical but they are perfectionists – they want things to go the way they think it should go and there is no room for error in the Virgo’s world.

3.Practical, Reliable, and Rational

One of their biggest strengths of the Virgo is that they are in touch with reality and reliable and practical about it. You can trust a Virgo – when given directions they will follow them and follow the give it their all to do the job well. You do not have to worry about a Virgo going off and doing something ridiculous or ‘way out there.’ They are by far the most rational of the Zodiac signs and that makes them very reliable.

4.Intelligent but Judgmental

The Virgo is an intelligent Zodiac but that intelligence can make them very judgemental often criticizing others. They just can’t bring themselves to ignore what they see as faults in others, and mistakes as anything less than perfect is just not accepted by the Virgo.

5.Wise Witty Well Spoken

The Virgo is wise and witty, and is able to articulate what he/she has to say. They are seldom misunderstood because they are so well spoken. They love to share their knowledge but often do it with a witty sense of humor that makes people feel at ease. It’s one of the reasons the Virgo is so well liked.

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