5 Characteristics of Taurus

5 Characteristics of TaurusTaurus have some very interesting characteristics. Let’s have a look. Taurus are:


Taurus are good at recognizing the value of money and this is awesome. The Taurus is excellent at budgeting, and will spend just what they feel they can afford. Don’t confuse this with doing without because that’s not really what it means. It just means that the Taurus will get what they want by juggling to make it work for them.

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2.Easy going, Down to Earth, and Patient

Taurus are well liked because they are such easy going and patient with those they meet. Their down to earth personality makes them extremely sensitive and likeable. They are reliable and patient, which makes them great to have as friends. The Taurus is a sensible personality that makes them even more likeable and having a Taurus as a friend means you have someone looking out for you.

3.Respectful and Generous

The Taurus is respectful of those around them and what their needs might be. They try very hard to be accommodating and helpful if they can. The go out of their way to be respectful of those who are in their lives and of strangers too. The Taurus is very generous and has no problem stepping up to help out friends or family. They are so generous that they will actually put themselves in a position of hardship just to help out another, and they won’t think twice about it.

4.Independent, Self Indulgent, and Possessive

The Taurus is independent and strong at all levels – physically, emotionally, and financially. They don’t look to others for support. If things don’t go right and life throws them lemons, they ‘make lemonade.’ The Taurus is known for their possessive personality, which can lead to resentment, even jealousy. If the Taurus isn’t careful they can find themselves losing friends and even wrecking a relationship because of that possessiveness. That possessiveness ties directly to their self-indulgence, which for the most part is goal oriented but can come into their personal lives too. The Taurus can tend to think the world revolves around them forgetting that it actually does not.

5.Reliable and Dependable

Taurus make great friends and employees because when they tell you they will do something you can count on them doing whatever it is they say they will do. Taurus is considered to be one of the most reliable Zodiac signs. Not only is the Taurus reliable they are and you will never be let down by a Taurus.

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