5 Characteristics of Scorpio

5 Characteristics of ScorpioScorpio have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look. Scorpio are:

1.Strong Willed Ambitious and Loyal

Scorpio is born with an inner strength to go after whatever it is they need. They have no problem stepping into the limelight and taking control of a situation if it means they will get what they want. Their ambition is palpable always aiming for the stars. They want it all – money, power, and prestige – that’s where they draw their energy from. But while they ambitiously go after what they want you can depend on their loyalty to remain strong and steadfast. In fact they that loyalty is what gets them what they want.

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It is tough to ignore a Scorpion because they are born with the gift of gab and they are one of the most charming of the Zodiac signs. Add that they can present things in a way that wins your heart regardless of what it is, they tend to be able to get what they want.


There’s is no question that the Scorpion is intuitive and thinking with their ‘gut’ using instinct rather than their mind is the norm. So don’t be surprised when Scorpio makes a decision right on the spot without giving it a second thought. This usually works to their benefit but sometimes it is going to backfire. Don’t be surprised when others call you a mind reader. That intuition certainly makes you seem like one! Put your intuition to work to help you make great decisions but remember it won’t always be right.

4.Mysterious Explorers

With the Scorpion you always get the feeling that there is something they aren’t telling. This doesn’t change even when you know them at the intimate level. That’s because they never put it all out in the open. There is always something mysterious about these explorer personalities. While they love to traverse new territories they often keep some of their experiences to themselves staying with that mysteriousness we have become so familiar with. They never put it all out on the table for the world to see, and that’s what keeps them so mysterious. The Scorpion is one of the few Zodiac signs that has their spirit affected by both their positive and negative experiences, but they aren’t always opening up to express those experiences, which leads us to the next characteristic.

5.Secretive and Sensitive

Scorpions find it extremely tough to put their trust into others, and that’s why they are so secretive. The Scorpion keeps what’s on their mind to themselves, and because they are sensitive and secretive they can easily be hurt by negative comments or actions against them. If you insult a Scorpion, remember are going to hold that against you for a very long time, maybe even get even.

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