5 Characteristics of Pisces

5 Characteristics of PiscesPisces have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Imaginative and Intuitive

The Pisces is extremely creative and has a terrific imagination. Pisces do a great job of thinking in abstract and they can come up with very innovative ideas. The fantastic imagination of the Pisces can take them to great heights. They make great artists and creative people in many aspects of their life. When you combine their imagination with the intuitive ability of the Pisces and that sixth sense it makes for some very interesting decision making.

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2.Compassionate, Generous, Kind, and Sensitive

The Pisces is always ready and willing to help anyone who might be in need. Pisces always empathize with others and will try to be of assistance whenever they can. The Pisces is generous and emotional and people are attracted to them because they feel they can trust them. The kindness is exceptional and the Pisces always try to treat others in the manner they want to be treated. The caring and gentle nature of the Pisces makes them popular among friends and family. However, they also tend to develop extreme feelings because they are so sensitive.

3.Popular and Loyal

Pisces are popular with friends, family, and acquaintances – well actually they are popular with just about anyone they meet. That’s in part because of their compassionate and kind manner, but also because they are so loyal, fun, and interesting. The Pisces has a personality that is well liked and even envied by some. They have no problem making friends or being popular in the personal and work lives.


The idealistic views of the Pisces can sometimes make it more difficult for them to cope in a world that is far from idealistic. Pisces can find themselves struggling with what is going on around them especially as it often does not fit with their idealistic ideas

5.Weak-willed and Over Sensitive

The Pisces has a soft spot. In fact, many would call it being weak willed, as they just are not able to say no. Trouble is because they are weak willed and over sensitive their feelings can be hurt easily and other people’s issues can bother them, yet when they are drug into the issues of others they can’t say no, so it lands up being a big mess for them and stressful too, and then they get upset… and well around it goes.

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