5 Characteristics of Libra

5 Characteristics of LibraLibras have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Laid-back and Energetic All in One

Libras are energetic but at the same time they are laid-back, which is an unusual mix. This does not make the Libra physically lazy. It’s really about a desire to avoid tension and to avoid any of the challenges that can be emotional. The Libra saves their energy for what they see as useful causes and tension and challenges are a waste of that energy so instead they just carry on like they have taken a ‘chill pill.’ This mental status is definitely good for their health as it is far less stressful as long as the Libra doesn’t internalize everything.

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2.Balanced and Tactful

The Libra has the ability to naturaly strike a balance rarely reaching extremes with anything in their life. Instead the Libra, who knows how to get things done, will focus on moving forward day-by-day, to get to their goal. If this requires being manipulative that’s just what they will do. They are simply too nice to take advantage of an person’s emotions but still they have the ability to tactfully move people in the direction they wish to go. With the Libra there’s no need to worry about unexpected emotions or big surprises.

3.Kind and Gentle

Libra is a kind and gentle spirit that will make sure that your needs are met. In fact, they will listen to the needs of people around you – they have the ability to focus on more than one person. Gentle. Libra is gentle and will not intentionally hurt those they love. In fact, they will do most anything to avoid hurting someone. The Libra is thoughtful and always keeps others in mind whenever they make a decision, even personal decisions that aren’t directly related to others. This kind and gentle spirit isn’t interested in causing hurt or harm to anyone around them.

4.Kind and Just

Libras are givers from the heart – in fact, they are so kind that they love to be helping others at all costs. Just ask and they will be there to help you. However, at the same time they have a strong sense of justice and fair play. That means don’t ever ask them to participate or help in something that’s less than up front. It will never resort to dubious means to get what want.

5.Romantic and Charming

The Zodiac Sign of Libra is ruled by Libra and that makes them a true romantic. They speak and act as a romantic in every part of their lives. And that charm comes across in their smile, which few can resist. But then again why would you want to?

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