5 Characteristics of Gemini

5 Characteristics of GeminiGemini have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Witty, Intellectual, and Smart

Geminis are a witty bunch, and it doesn’t take much to impress those around them with their humor. They are often entertaining, and it suits their natural charm. When you combine that smartness with their wit you’ve got a real gem. These intelligent individuals are always open and honest about their opinions and won’t shy away from the conversation. The Gemini likes to learn and so when presented with the opportunity they are interested in the opportunity to expand their horizons.

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2.Energetic and Enthusiastic

Many of us find ourselves incredibly jealous of Geminis energy, which never seems to run out. That’s largely in part of their many interests, and not wanting to miss out on anything. Like a Timex watch they just keep going and going, refusing to let their body tire out. Gemini’s are an extremely enthusiastic bunch of people and that can be catchy with those that are around a Gemini. When you are with a Gemini you need to recognize that that they are always ready to try something new and exciting, and that enthusiasm is very contagious – before you know it everyone’s enthusiastic and ready to get on board.

3.Restless, Flexible, Inconsistent, Indecisive

The Gemini restlessness is one of the reasons Gemini always seems to be on a continuous mission to learn and experience something new. They hate sitting still and feel it’s a waste of time. Because Gemin is so flexible they can change direction or paths in an instant without becoming frazzled One This is an incredibly strong trait . They very quickly and easily can go with the flow. Inconsistent. The Gemini are sharp and quick but the problem is they don’t tend to stay engaged in the projects they get involved with. Indecisive. For the Gemini to actually make a decision is tough. They are often planted in two areas and unable to choose. This indecisiveness can cause them to lose out on profitable opportunities.

4.Adaptable, Versatile, and Lack of Focus

The Gemini is open-minded and very easy-going, which makes them highly adaptable. The versatility of Gemini makes them interested in a wide variety of subjects and as a result, the Gemini will get involved in many different things. They seldom get stuck in a fixed routine, because they are so interested in the experiences. Geminis get bored really easily because they have trouble focusing. As a result, their energy is scattered all over the place, and nothing gets completed.


The Gemini are very lucky to have excellent communication skills. The Gemini are definitely an eloquent people, in fact, the most eloquent of the all the Zodiac signs. They can also sell anything to just about anyone!

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