5 Characteristics of Capricorn

5 Characteristics of CapricornCapricorns have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Stable, Cautious, and Disciplined

When it comes to making decisions Capricorns are rational and disciplined. They approach their days cautiously and with a steady but disciplined hand that keeps them focused their lives moving forward and they are okay with whom they are, and how their life is progressing. The discipline of the Capricorn keeps them focused and meticulous. They do not like to take mindless risks, and won’t jeopardize their stability.

2.Calm, Sensitive, and Shy

Capricorns are calm and self-assured and are ready to handle most pressure situations that come their way. Their sensitive nature makes them well liked and it makes it easier for them to get what they want without seeming pushy. This is especially true because they are calm and sensitive. However, occasionally their shy nature can make it harder for them to communicate what it is they really want. Once they open up things go smoothly, but you have to be patient getting there.

3.Mature and Wise

Capricorn is well known for their maturity. They are born mature and with the Capricorn you never have to worry about whether a Capricorn will be there for you. That maturity makes them wise in many areas, and you should take advantage of your friendship or relationship with a Capricorn who can offer you so much maturity and wisdom.

4.Sensible and Practical

You can bet that a Capricorn will never make mindless decisions. However, at the same time they when they think things out carefully, they will actually take a risk to get what they want. The Capricorn takes a very sensible and practical approach in almost everything they do. The Capricorn will take all facts into their decision making. They will follow the path that makes the most sense to them and they will not be swayed unless presented with a more practical and sensible alternative. That said you will know where you stand with a Capricorn at all times.

5.Pessimistic and Stubborn

The Capricorn tends to be pessimistic, as they simply do not have the confidence to go against the odds. No matter what their life achievements, they will see themselves as under-achievers. When you combine that pessimistic attitude with the Capricorn stubbornness they certainly are focused on where they are going and what they want to achieve. They calculate the way they will handle everything in their life from their daily routines to adding in a new workout program. Don’t be surprised if you have trouble changing the mind of the stubborn Capricorn. But rest assured if you can offer a sensible and practical alternative, because they are so mature and wise, you can change their mind.

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