5 Characteristics of Cancer

5 Characteristics of CancerCancers have some very personable characteristics. Let’s have a look.

1.Emotional and Moody

Cancers are extremely emotional and moody. It can be hard, even overwhelming for others to deal with their unpredictable mood swings. Don’t let Cancer’s cold and detached appearance fool you because Cancers are actually very emotional people. They just do a great job of hiding those emotions, especially around those that don’t know them all that well. Cancers are often overemotional and even when they try too hard to not be too feelings become hurt too easily. That said this trait also makes it easier for Cancers to empathize with others and they love to take care of them. It makes Cancers extremely compassionate.

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2.Protective and Clingy

Cancers are incredibly protective of their loved ones and relationships, sometimes to the point of being clingy. They are also protective of the things they are interested in, their possessions, and their personal space. Cancers have trouble letting things go, and as a result, they find it difficult to move on. They also have trouble giving their partners any space because of that protectiveness.


Cancers love deeply and admire those who are close to them, even from a distance. Most get to experience Cancer’s loving side frequently. With the love from a Cancer comes loyalty. Cancers seldom expect much in return for their faithfulness, after all that faithfulness is a much a part of their soul as their deep-seated ability to love. You can count on a Cancer to be there for you and to stick by you through thick and thin. When a Cancer falls in love they make a lifetime commitment and will do everything in their power to make it work. If things fall apart they are devastated and often never fall in love again.

4.Fearful and Cautious

The loving nature of Cancers can sometimes cause Cancers to be overly suspicious doubting the intentions of those around them. They tend to be cautious in nature not always trusting those around them to the degree that they should. Occasionally this fear and caution does work in their favor, however, more often than not, Cancers are prone to filling their minds with imaginary fears that surround them. It is important that they get a handle on these unfounded fears.

5.Intuitive and Imaginative

The intuitive powers that Cancers possess work well as an excellent guiding force for them, even more so than logic. Cancers rely heavily on their gut feelings when making decisions based on those gut feelings. Their intuitive ability allows Cancers to let their imagination flow freely. Cancers are excellent at being able to think outside the box and put their imagination to use with no problem.

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