Virgo Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman CompatibilityA Virgo man is one who is kind hearted, generous and has a great sense of piety. He is ruled by the element earth. This is portrayed by the behavior of the typical Virgo male who is down to earth and critical. This leads to the man being a total practical and logical minded person who does not express his love and affection through conventional bending-down-on-the-knees style. In fact, he hardly expresses it at all. He escapes at the face of emotional confrontations and feels awkward when the time to express feelings become essential in the circumstances he is in.

The Virgo female, on the contrary, is seductive, sensual in her approach and knows the way to the heart of men. She does not express emotions in the open but expresses them subtly and in an attractive manner. She can be sweet and silky and has a total clear picture of what her partner thinks of her.

Hence, she cannot be deceived easily in a relationship. In spite of her polished and seemingly soft outside, a Virgo woman is one of those who know just how to manipulate and tweak a man’s heart. She is in control of her life and has a strong mind that guides her through ordeals and hardships. She would surely have a part of her life out of everyone’s reach, even her own man.

The compatibility between Virgo men and Virgo women is a very warm and smooth one. They can be each others’ partners and friends, all rolled into one. They maintain their fidelity towards one another in most cases and sometimes, take the relationship to a new and much deeper dimension, that make it “last forever”. The practical Virgo man and the imaginative Virgo woman make an ideal pair, where they, over time, learn to support one another. 

The relationship faces a strain when the two find it difficult to count on the other. However, through the deep loyalty and togetherness they attain over time, this obstacle is easily overcome. The practical approach of the Virgo male impresses his lady love. This alliance is thus peaceful and adds beauty to each other’s life.

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