Virgo Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man CompatibilityEver encountered a Virgo man, surely the very first impression of him would be – “less cautious and ignorant”. But please don’t get misguided he is actually not ignorant neither cautious, it’s just that he is very practical in his life so expecting romance is foolishness. Also a Virgo male is very much closer to his work, family and friends. Dumb women are out of his list. Also a woman with impropriety and rudeness turns him off. He likes women with clean – body, mind and soul. So, a Taurus woman might be a suitable match.

A Taurus woman on the other hand is of an indomitable courage and unbreakable emotional strength. She doesn’t have an emotional range of tea spoon, and can bear severest of problems, a perfect companion for Virgo man. She doesn’t like a dominating relationship and wants her man to lead; it’s actually their secret desire. She is a tolerant woman but one thing she cannot stand for is disloyalty.

A Virgo man is practical but that doesn’t mean he does not possess a heart, it requires time for him to actually realize that he is falling in love so a woman especially Taurus woman would be able to understand him better. One thing which is common among both of them is impeccable patience. A Taurus woman wants her man to be real of whom she could be proud of and also wants him to stand by her while at public, but if he contradicts her at public place than he might have to bear her temperament beyond her boiling point.

While on the other side, a Virgo man is honest and a clean person so doubting or burdening him with mushy affection would turn out to be dangerous because if he wouldn’t run away than his subtle affection might come to a stop. The compatibility of Virgo male and Taurus female would be great. They would be amazing parents to their children and there won’t be a problem in cementing their relationship. It would turn out to be a great journey for them.

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