Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man CompatibilityThe relationship of Virgo and Scorpio is a cherishing one. They don’t require many efforts to realize it and this is the beauty of their relationship – spontaneity. Virgo man respects her feelings and Scorpio understands and appreciates him. A Virgo man has a very concrete and practical thinking. He is analytical for every situation and can be criticising also.

He is a very caring person devoted to his family but his love can be nagging at times but true at heart. He never fakes anything and will never hide things from her. Scorpio woman is sharp confident, creative, imaginative, secretive, powerful and compelling. She is very passionate and possessive woman who can fight to any extend for her man. She never fears anything and is very strong – headed and determined.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman compatibility lasts because they share common interests and qualities. Both are sharp, creative find a reason in doing things. They both are extremely protective, possessive and honest for each other. She has a significant feminine character which makes him go head over heels for her and keep him bound to the relationship. Her emotions may weigh less sometimes in front of his practicality; this can often lead to disturbances in their relationship.

With such honesty and devotion they nurture their relationship with utmost care and protectiveness making them fond of each other. They share a smooth and warm relationship with the Virgo man bringing trust and stability to her life and she makes him discover the unsaid intense love. There are attracted sexually at the first instance. It is difficult for Virgo man to match the passion and intensity of Scorpio woman at times as she leaves him in a dilemma. The curiosity makes the bond stronger and forever. He is cool headed and calm compared to her and she believes to make love with both heart and mind.

Both Scorpio female and Virgo male share a blissful relationship but at times problems arise with his practical nature clashing with her possessive nature. They both give each other some space in period of soreness so that they both can share the bond forever.

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