Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman and Virgo Man CompatibilityThe romantic relationship of Virgo male and Sagittarius female is one of the more tough ones to handle. Virgo is very conservative while Sagittarius is playful in nature. There can be significant attraction initially, but some major conflicts in terms of values and relationship styles are likely to build up over the time. A Virgo man is a stable, down-to-earth and practical person with some values in life. He is very caring and devoted to his loved ones.

At the same time he can be highly critical and often painfully nagging too. A Sagittarius woman loves to have enjoyment and enthusiasm in her life. She is charming and warm. Being a very independent person, the family is a part of Sagittarius woman’s life but that does not mean her world ends there. She seeks a man who can shield her.

Sagittarius woman makes her Virgo man feel like a hero, the defender for whom she has waited for a long time. This helps him to feel more confident and determined about being in love with him. He loves the trust she displays towards him. They are both open to the world about each other needing constant mental stimulation.

Together with all her attention and gracefulness she also gives her Virgo man a new outlook towards life which is more joyful and exciting, bringing lots of adventures and cheerfulness to his life. But sometimes she becomes so much outgoing that creates trouble for their relationship.

The sexual relationship compatibility of Virgo man and Sagittarius woman is not very special one, but good enough to get by. She wants to experiment sexually, Virgo man believes making love is a serious matter which involves unison of two souls. He likes her devotion and commitment which stimulates his sensuality and he feels free to expresses himself sexually.

They both are too scared to face the realities about each other which keep them clinging on but if they realize from the beginning that relationship is not only commitment but adjustment and give each other a touch of support and understanding their relationship can lasts forever.

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