Virgo Man and Libra Woman

Virgo Man and Libra Woman CompatibilityVirgo and Libra share well – bonded relationship nurtured with trust. A Virgo man is analytical, conservative, practical, perfectionist which can be stuffy at times .he is very focused for every aspect of life. At times this deprives him to notice others’ emotions and lover for him. But he is a commitment – oriented true lover. A Libra woman is a very delightful, pleasing and charming feminine personality who wins hearts with her words most of the time. She fancies flirting and flattering at times.

A Libra is one of the few people who can endure Virgo’s criticising nature maintaining her optimistic views. It may take some time for him to decipher her other side but the road is smooth when both understand each other. A Virgo man is not a romantic lover but he is a devoted one. He has a judgemental attitude and expects his closed ones to understand them. He likes freedom of opinions and feels offensive if condemned for the same.

With understanding, love, thoughtfulness the couple can make it last forever. They can share their sorrows and happiness together and be with each other through thick and thin times with full support. This quality nurtures their relationship.

The airy Libra and the earthy Virgo cherish a wonderful physical relationship. They many go slow initially and lack passion with each other but with time they nurture their physical relationship too. They are subtle and tender towards each other and enjoy the excitement with calmness. Union of the two is warm and clam. She may give him the comfort of her touch and words helping him to forget worries and relax together.

There can be many ups and downs with the couple. She may have the insecurity of him turning cold towards her love and passion and she cannot abide so much criticism from his side .this creates irritability and disturbance between the two. Though they know how to evade such situations but if both surrender things can go worse.

As far as compatibility of Virgo male and Libra female is concerned, they should prioritize every emotion and with lot of thinking and discussion they should try to create an environment which keeps their love alive forever.

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