Virgo Man and Aries Woman

Aries Woman and Virgo Man CompatibilityLiving without romance, is something not meant for an Aries woman. For her it would mean living a life without a husband. Romance plays an important part in her daily regime. She is also very much sentimental so for a man it would be subtle to talk and especially for a Virgo man who is always practical in his life and doesn’t give a damn to romance. A Virgo man on the other hand is very much closer to his work, family and friends so expecting romance would be foolishness.

He cannot tolerate too much aloofness and if he won’t be able to run away then his subtle affection might come to a halt. When it comes to compatibility of Virgo men and Aries women, the female spends most of her time in a world of fairytale which is annoying for him (Virgo man).

But one thing which is common amongst them is competition, both like to compete and get succeeded and that could be a point of bringing them together. She cannot stand flattery and expects her lover to be honest while complimenting her and so here is another point in favor of them. An Aries woman when gets committed to someone she becomes very loyal to him and personifies him as his whole world so a man, a Virgo man could be lucky having a partner like her.

A Virgo male doesn’t have fear of being single but he is not that kind of a man who constantly chases a woman unnecessary or keeps wondering for her. This could easily make him woo a woman, an Aries female of course. On the other side an Aries woman is possessive on the other hand doesn’t like to be kept held herself since she is more comfortable with the company of men than women and wants her mate to give her space and trust her with faith.

What she must know, is that there is a certain point of limit where too much aloofness with another man can make her man jealous and that goes very well for a Virgo man himself. Quite compatible but they must make sure that life is a ride, and one always share it with someone you deeply understand. Otherwise you end up feeling to get off on alone which is not good, both of you need to be together with some adjustments which would make your life, a fantasy world.

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