Virgo and Virgo Love Match Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo CompatibilityA Virgo couple looks great together, they are proper in their manners, have a sense of style and love for perfection. They share an amazing physical intimacy, which might burn a few hearts. Virgos by nature are very timid and diffident, which makes them shy away from the limelight, and the pair prefers their solitary companionship instead of the glitz and glamour of the world.

Being an earth sign the Virgo couple tends to be rational, practical and sensible. The Virgo couple complement each other's personality as they are the only ones who will understand a Virgo’s need for details and fastidiousness.

Virgo is symbolised with the image of a virgin, who is characterised with a steadfast personality and strong headedness. A Virgo is always extreme in nature, either they do it or they don't, no mid-way exists for them, this is due to Mercury being the key planet for this sign. As perceived by others,

Virgo's are considered to be obsessed with cleanliness, but most often you will find a Virgo with cluttered rooms and messy drawers. Virgo's realisation that perfection is a moving target helps them to cope up with daily life hassles. When in love, Virgos won’t mind walking on fire if the situation demands it. Their bonding and intimacy soar to new heights under the protected glare of their companion.

They possess a sense of morality and prefer to follow the norms of the society, but in times when they think something is wrong, they will be the first ones to raise their voice. With a sense of responsibility towards the society, they end up devoting too much time and energy into unnecessary things, which might create a rift. The most beautiful thing about the relationship between a Virgo and another Virgo is that they possess an uncanny sense of their partner’s needs.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility tips:

The duo make the perfect match for each other, as they appreciate the long lasting loyalty, dedication and commitment, you can still smell fire in the kitchen. It gets monotonous and nerve wrecking when the two are living under the same roof, too much of neatness and a desire for spotless décor or tidy rooms comes in the way of living a smooth life.

Ego conflicts, disagreements and differences in opinions are bound to happen. Proper communication is the key to success in the relationship between them, as both are natural critics. And, they will not leave a chance to prove their point. If the bond is strong, they should respect the others’ view point as it will make their relationship healthy. Virgo at times becomes too touchy about trivial issues; the easiest way to resolve this is to give space to your better half.

Any relationship will work only if there is mutual respect, love and trust. Don’t just tag along everywhere your partner goes, take it easy and let the other enjoy the alone time with their friends too. Predictability is another factor that might create some tussle between the love birds, so dear Virgos come on take some chances and show your hidden dare devil part to your partner and create an unbreakable bond.

Virgo and Virgo famous couples:

Some couple:  Leonard Cohen (Virgo) and Rebecca De Mornay (Virgo); Claudia Schiffer (Virgo) and David Copperfield (Virgo); Ben Lee (Virgo) and Ione Skye (Virgo)

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