Virgo and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Scorpio and Virgo CompatibilityVirgo and Scorpio are the two opposite signs of a zodiac chart that forms excellent chemistry when joined together in a romantic relationship. The intense karmic bond of their relationship is due to their extraordinary positioning in the zodiac chart. The Virgo and Scorpio couple shares very strong ties with the deep sense of loyalty towards each other. They both find solace in each other’s company only and refrain themselves from joining social gatherings. Virgo and Scorpio work together excellently on the path of acquisitions, as Virgo craves for order and Scorpio has hunger for power.

Both the signs of such a union are the symbols of resources which can be inherited in the form of property. Their service oriented attitude makes them dependable. They both have strong passion for their friends circle and never hesitate in lending a helping hand to them. 

As both the signs share equal disparity it becomes easier for them to understand whether they can go strong in the long run in the beginning of their relationship. While Virgo people are ruled by the forces of Mercury, their counterpart Scorpio has strong influence of Mars and Pluto. The combination of Virgo and Scorpio can be really heated without the presence of Pluto in their orbit.

The natives of Scorpion zodiac are very intense in nature while Virgo people are highly captivated by the power of their energy. Scorpio learns a great deal about life from the inherent practicality and loyalty of Virgo’s life. Virgo represents the sign of a planet whereas Scorpio is an indicator of water. Scorpion people have very deep inner thoughts like an ocean that sometimes may trigger violent storm of thoughts and anger. But the balanced approach of Virgo helps Scorpio in controlling the turbulent storm. Their necessity for mental safety helps in fostering a strong bond between each other.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility Tips:

Despite the fact that both Virgo and Scorpio share different traits of personality they make a perfect match for each other. The methodical, critical and to the point approach of Virgo strikes amazing balance in their relationship that leads to love commitment. The only drawback with this union is that the Virgo native remains expressive as well as logical about their thoughts and feelings while their Scorpion partner remains secretive about their feelings and may even make compromises for the sake of their relationship.

The magnetic behaviour of Scorpions does attract Virgos towards them. Despite differences, clashes and conflicts both Virgo and Scorpio manage to maintain harmony in their relationship.

The courageous and adventures nature of Scorpio always comes in contrast with the cautious nature of Virgo for which both of them need to develop an understanding and avoid such unwanted clashes. Since Scorpions boast off strong willed and compassionate attitude towards life, they need to become a bit demanding in physical matters with their otherwise shy Virgo partner.

No matter how dirty things get between the Virgo and Scorpion natives they share a bright future together and also have good prospects of loving, happy, secure and contended life together.

Virgo and Scorpio Famous Couples: 

The names of some of the famous Virgo and Scorpio couples are mentioned below. All these couples are going strong together with each other for a long time despite some ups and downs in their relationship. Famous Virgo and Scorpio Couples: Marie Antoinette (Virgo) and Louis the XVI (Scorpio); Brad Paisley (Scorpio) and Kimberly Williams Paisley (Virgo); Shania Twain (Virgo)and Mutt Lange (Scorpio)

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