Virgo and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius CompatibilityVirgo and Aquarius are highly intellectual and rational which is the only similar thing between them. Aquarius thinks that Virgo is cold as Virgo takes time to get close because they are cautious of getting emotionally involved. Aquarius is headed towards changing the world and making everything perfect around them. Virgo craves for personal accomplishment and monetary security.

Aquarius is highly outward-bound, a quixotic and creative whereas Virgo is shy, reserved and practical. This combination may not even succeed as friends. Aquarius usually lives in a dreamy world where life is a Twilight movie. Virgo being a practical person will never appreciate it.

Virgo is a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect. They despise inefficiency and slovenliness. When it comes to things around them, they are very picky. Virgo are highly ambitious and do their work well and once they do, they do not ruin it.

Virgos are born social workers as they like to provide and serve a person, which makes them happy. They like solving problems as it gives them satisfaction. Virgos are highly witty and intelligent – but they worry a lot which is a drawback.

Whereas Aquarius tends to be exciting, entrancing and unpredictable but they seem to be living in a dreamy world. They tend to be detached and unaware of their environs. They are in constant search for something new every day. They want to change the world and make it a better place to live. Aquarius wants a relationship which satisfies them both physically and mentally whereas Virgo does not believe in romance at all.

Virgo’s jealousy might be threatening for the water sign as Aquarius loves their freedom and space. Virgo is very particular about specific things such as tidiness and cleanliness and tends to become irritated if people around them do not follow the rules of staying tidy. This may irritate the water sign and they may try to keep away from Virgo.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility tips:

Relationships work only if there is understanding, love, good communication and faith between two people. Astrologically, Virgo and Aquarius are born to be enemies. They can never be friends as one seems to be too practical and the other – just daydreams! Their compatibility may not be great and is surely not easy.

If at all they want to be together is may be for a fling or a visit to the nearby dentist for treating cavity. Aquarius may not like Virgo’s super emotional nature whereas Virgo tends to think that Aquarius is not worth anything because all they do is daydream. Any relationship between them other than a one night stand is a punishment of life. If at all they are thinking of being together forever – happily ever after – which is next to impossible, they can work on their relationship gradually.

Virgo should stop nagging about small things and focus on bigger things in life like LOVE rather than tidiness and cleanliness. Once Aquarius sees this change, things are going to be fine. Aquarius should get real and focus on their partner which is the Virgo. Life will be easy if they both take out time every day and spend long nights together – not fighting, but talking. Communicating helps in a relationship. Virgo and Aquarius need to communicate to work things out.

Virgo and Aquarius Famous Couples:

Richard Gere (Virgo) & Carey Lowell (Aquarius)

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