Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

A Taurus man is a supportive, humble partner. He is easy go yet determined and brave to take challenges and responsibility and complete them gracefully. He gets lot of appreciation and respect for the same. He is hard working and a practical man with a strong sense of commitment. He is a great lover and tries his best to fulfil the physical and emotional needs of Taurus woman. A Taurus woman a simple, attractive woman with discrete feminine instincts bound to her personality. Her straight forwardness and practical nature makes her draw lot of attention from the opposite sex.

Talking about the compatibility of Taurus male and Taurus female, they are the pearls of a very peaceful and wonderful relationship. They both take the relationship as it comes without being impulsive in any decision. They are loyal, firm, determined and strong –headed and devoted for each other.

As both of them are born under same sign, they have many traits in common which makes them compatible. Both have a habit of living a luxurious life as they perform well at work places their bank balances shows it all. Taurus man likes to keep home in perfect order and Taurus woman gives it an essence of fineness with her unique ability to strive for perfection and be a good home – maker. They both are a sensual couple when it comes to sex. Both satisfy each other’s desires to the utmost contentment. Sex is the most important aspect of their relationship as it ignites a strong physical drive which makes them come closer. As they are not very expressive in the relationship, sex brings energy and excitement for the couple making them believe the sense of unison among each other.When it comes to the compatibility of Taurus man and woman share a perfect relationship filled with warmness at times issues of stubbornness, inability to take decisions, lack of reason can make the relationship suffer many hiccups,. Their refusal to look at the other aspect of the situations can make things worse. But a sense of tenderness, emotional integrity and forgiveness can solve all the problems and make the relationship worth living the whole life together.

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