Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Taurus Man CompatibilityGemini is the third zodiac sign. It is one of the four mutable signs and is considered as an air sign. Gemini is ruled by planet mercury which depicts intelligence, inspiration and awakening. Taurus is a second sign. It is an earth sign, one of the four cardinal signs. It is a combination of fast moving Gemini with calm and serine Taurus. Taurus usually takes the relationship at his own pace and Gemini likes fast paced relationships at times having multiple partners also gives them contentment.

A Taurus man is quite a practical, strong headed and determined. Once he is hooked to Gemini woman his feelings culminate into long term commitment oriented relationship. He is stubborn and outrageous if his expectations are not met. The Gemini woman is a carefree social bird who loves to hang out in groups and flirt around. She will always respect the stability she finds in a Taurus man but lacks one herself.

The Taurus man is mostly enamoured by the high-spirited and lively nature of Gemini woman and she also respects him for his virtues and practicality. He like a clean tidy environment and one definite way to woo his heart is through stomach. Gemini woman likes surprises, amusing moments in a relationship which keeps her withholding with him. Talking about the compatibility of Taurus man and Gemini woman, the male commits to the relationship with his mind and soul and because of this quality he is able to handle her mood swings of.

The physical intimacy plays a pivotal role in the relationship as keeping a Gemini woman physically stimulated, stimulates her mind mentally too. Taurus male is highly masculine and shows immense stamina in making love which attracts a Gemini female towards him in the bed. It is a challenge for the couple to survive amidst of compatibility issues.

The Gemini woman is easily distracted and finds hard to adjust in home–makings idealism while a Taurus man believed in earning and saving and having the best home. She might not appreciate the slow, tough and steady nature. But, if a Taurus man provides a stabilizing influence and she tries to become a bit more homely their relationship can work wonders and be everlasting.

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